Lawsuit City

first_imgGranada Hills Who’s in charge? Re “Deal in LAFD-hazing suit” (Sept. 22): What has the city of Los Angeles come to? We now have our firefighters – whom we once held akin to sports figures – making a mockery of the citizens of this city. When will the L.A. City Council stand up to these lawsuits in court? Stop telling us this is the best deal for our city; it’s not. Who is being held responsible in the LAFD for these actions of supposed harassment and discrimination? What is being done to stop this type of activity within the LAFD? Corporate America changed years ago on these types of issues, but seemingly the city of Los Angeles and LAFD continue to wander through life without feeling a need for change or accountability. One has to wonder who is steering the boat. Re “Deal in LAFD-hazing suit” (Sept. 22): Thanks to Eric Garcetti for intervening and now that Tennie Pierce has succeeded in walking away with $1.43 million, $60,000 back pay plus his pension – without going to court – it leaves the door wide open for more racial and frivolous lawsuits. Come one, come all! Just this year $13 million has been paid out in lawsuits by the LAFD alone. It is no wonder we don’t have enough money to fight the gangs; it is all going to frivolous lawsuits and the high salaries of incompetent city officials. The City Council makes it so simple. Let’s all just vote yes and they will go away. At least Mayor Villaraigosa stepped in on the Pierce case, and Dennis Zine is the only council member to oppose the initial $2.7 million settlement last year. – Marianne Castro Lawson – Fred Peters Burbank Bad settlement Re “Deal in LAFD-hazing suit” (Sept. 22): The payment of $1.43 million to an L.A. fireman because he was subjected to a demeaning stunt of having to eat dog food is the most absurd political decision I have ever heard. There was no physical harm to Tennie Pierce and, according to Councilman Dennis Zine, Pierce had a reputation of being a prankster. This should have gone to court where maybe the judge would have had clearer vision and thrown the case out of court. Even if an award had been given, wouldn’t a person in his position have been delighted with $10,000? – Karen Carrington Reseda Jenna case Re “Damage done” (Our Opinions, Sept 24): In view of the news media’s constant reporting of racial conflicts throughout our nation, perhaps we should pause and reflect on two old sayings of yesteryear. “Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you” and “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names won’t hurt me.” Adherence of some degree to such statements is imperative and long overdue for solving some of our social problems; common sense should prevail. – Everett P. Harrington Glendale New homes conserve Re “H2O halt” (Our Opinions, Sept. 19): Southern California is facing a water crisis, but don’t blame home builders. They are simply responding to the demand for new housing caused by our state’s population growth. In fact, home builders are working to solve California’s water problems by working with local governments and communities to conserve water by building new homes that use far less water than older homes. But conservation alone has its limits. To ensure that California has enough water to meet the needs of current and future residents, our long-neglected water supply system must be expanded and better managed. California’s home builders are dedicated to creating homeownership opportunities while protecting the environment – a balance that cannot be compromised. The current water crisis facing the state is a difficult challenge that needs comprehensive solutions. – Robert Rivinius President and CEO California Building Industry Association A design flaw? Re “Mattel backpedals on blame” (Business, Sept. 22): Something sure smells fishy about this. I can understand design flaws in cars, TVs, and even toasters and coffee makers but what exactly is a “design flaw” in a Barbie doll? Did Mattel’s “design flaw” consist of omitting the head, or a leg, or maybe designing in three eyes. This is a simple product that has been manufactured for decades. The design has been around for a long time. We are given no details about what exactly was this “design flaw” that Mattel perpetrated. I suspect that we never will be told the details. – Leonard McGinnis Granada Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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