Osijek was the first in Croatia to present a tourist destination with virtual reality technology

first_imgA new tourist product was presented in Osijek – Historical tourist tour of Osijek with Virtual Reality technologyIn cooperation with Pointers Travel and the Osijek Tourist Board, the play produced by the Croatian Cultural Tourism Association “Forgotten Fortress” became the first digitized virtual walk through the ambient and historical landscape of the baroque Osijek citadel.This excellent tourist story was created as a result of cooperation between the Osijek Tourist Board, the company Pointers doo and the cast of the Association. CroCulTour-and students of the Osijek Academy of Arts. With the innovation in digital technology, more precisely by recording video with the help of 360 cameras, shots of the theater play “Forgotten Fortress” were recorded according to the script by Siniša Kovač, directed by Nikola Baškarad.The result is a virtual walk that will allow many visitors, who have not yet experienced the live script, a virtual walk through the layered history in the ambient and historical landscape of the Osijek Fortress in the company of many historical figures. A team of actors and students from the Academy of Arts in Osijek participated in the filming of this material, as well as numerous other associates who enrich the tourist content of the city of Osiijek with their offer.By the way, the theatrical play Forgotten Fortress is the first in a series of plays produced by Jesenka Ricl, president of the Croatian Cultural Tourism Association, and its special feature is a walk through the Fortress with costumed actors in the role of cops, innkeepers, traveling cast and of course Pauline Hermann, well-to-do cat lovers. “The plays are performed for the Osijek audience, but also for the teambuilding groups of visitors who arrived in Osijek in the desire to spend a few days in the green wellness oasis of Kopački rit in the heart of Baranja’s gastronomic paradise. ” points out Jesenka Ricl from CroCulTour and adds that from now on the guests can experience the show through virtual reality.When digitizing the offer of the tourism and economic sector of the City of Osijek, the Tourist Board of the City of Osijek is the first in Croatia to start using VR360 technology in cooperation with the local company Pointers Travel, which has already developed a mobile application for tourists visiting Osijek. “The uniqueness of the presentation, and the uniqueness of this project, is manifested in the fact that with the help of costumed actors, set stage, using props, music and special effects from the past made Virtual video 360 footage that gives viewers the experience of Osijek’s past. With this approach of presenting the tourist content, value and uniqueness of the location of continental tourism and its historical and cultural heritage, Osijek has set out to position itself as soon as possible as the most attractive tourist location in the continent of Croatia, and aims to increase visitors, extend their stay, highlight advantages of the destination and impose itself as a destination with a rich history and an unavoidable point when planning a trip to Croatia. ” points out Saša Uranjek, director of the Osijek Tourist Board.The most important thing to emphasize is that from the fall, this form of tourist sightseeing will be regularly available to everyone, especially tourists, in the office of the Tourist Board of the City of Osijek in Tvrđa. Also, organized by CroCulTour, you can experience an unforgettable experience through the “living history” program – tourist theater performances through the city streets, and both virtually and live through the play to experience the streets of old Osijek through18. and the 19th century.”Virtual content is filmed in real locations harder, costumed actors and authentic locations are used so that in the best possible way, for the first time in Croatia, we present a tourist destination through virtual reality. “Pointed out Krunoslav Weinpert, owner of Pointers dooRelated news: CAN VIRTUAL REALITY THREATEN TOURISM?last_img read more

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