LEC Substation Flooding: Will It ever End?

first_imgOpposite side of LEC Degraded street at Joe Bar in PaynesvilleNoah and his family and the thousands of other creatures in their care were in the ark forty days and forty nights until the flood which destroyed the whole world subsided. And they disembarked on dry land.While the flooding at the entrance of the LEC Substation at Joe Bar along the Red-Light-ELWA stretch in Paynesville does not come anywhere close to the magnitude of the flooding of Biblical proportions, or even flooding caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the U.S., residents in the area say the Joe Bar flooding has been going on for far too many years.Some say since the 1990’s that section of the road in front of the substation has flooded perennially, slowing traffic and causing rubbernecking as vehicles wade tire deep through the water.If you are driving from ELWA Junction towards Red-Light, you are definitely on the deep side of the water when you get in front of the substation. Vehicles manage by splitting the remaining lane between incoming and outgoing traffic, but with impatient motorbike riders, drivers on the road, the risk of accidents is high.Flood water at LEC Substation in Joe Bar, PaynesvilleCommuters on this corridor as well as residents in the area surrounding the substation are fed up and are calling for immediate action by authorities to fix the problem.Some nearby residents say it has now become necessary for a powerful authority in the Liberian Government to give a stern directive to the managers of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), Liberia Water and Sewer (LWSC) and the Ministry of Public Works to take immediate steps to repair whatever is broken and causing the flooding at the substation. However, one is left to wonder how come the President and other officials of government who pass through this area have not taken notice of the drainage problem at Joe Bar and given directives to have it fixed.As the Liberian Government water agency armed with the statutory responsibility for the nation’s water system, LWSC should be the first to take the initiative to fix the problem that is causing a large amount of water to collect in front of the LEC substation. The problem has persisted for years and it needs to be fixed permanently and now.“It is indeed spelled out in its mandate and named as the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation and not Monrovia Water and Sewer Corporation,” Mr. William B. Seton of Paynesville City recently told the Daily Observer in an interview.A stern directive must come from the highest seat or head of the Liberian Government said frustrated residents, fearing that the Joe Bar flooding  is a huge disaster in the making. They wondered if authorities were waiting for a deadly catastrophe to happen to force them to act to fix this long neglected hazard.In spite of the countless complaints from the residents and other concerned Liberians over the years, authorities of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) appear not to have initiated any collaborative efforts with LEC and LWSC or MPW to  carry out repair work on the flooding at Joe Bar.The extensive, repeated media coverage of the threat, health and environmental jeopardy of the Joe Bar flooding has failed to prompt any concern from the PCC administration which is yet to demonstrate concrete commitment to address the  flooding at the LEC substation.LEC Sub station at Joe Bar in PaynesvilleOn top of all these concerns and threats from effected Liberian and foreign residents over the flood water and unsanitary conditions of Paynesville City, the Zone Five police station opposite the LEC substation is  at the receiving end of the over spill of the dirty water.An entertainment center across the road opposite the LEC substation is one of several structures inundated by the flooding that sometimes spills over from the unattended drainage.The proprietor of a bar claimed that several letters have been sent to the authorities complaining about the water overflowing from the LEC substation’s clogged drainage but such complaints are yet to be addressed by the Municipal Government of Paynesville.In several interviews, ordinary residents over the weekend called on the PCC to prioritize the perennial sanitation mess under their (PCC) noses.Madam Josephine K. Harris, 55, of Joe Bar noted that something urgent should be done and a swift repair work should begin now at the LEC substation to avoid electrical shock that could cause the loss of lives and properties in the area.“I think the flooding problem and finding a solution to the drainage spill accumulating at our LEC substation after every heavy rainfall have long been over due and practical steps now should be the preoccupation of our energy and utility agencies,” Madam Harris pleaded.Mr. Darlington B. Nyumah, 40, of Joe Bar stressed the need for LWSC and LEC to lead a team of engineers that will come out with a practical and sustainable solution to dangerous situation at substation.“Each time I pass in front of our LEC substation at Joe Bar, I always become very angry, irritated and frustrated owing to the disgrace that the flooding poses to the expensive energy installation being constructed in our city,” Mr. Nyumah asserted.Mrs. Hannah B. Williamson, 50, of Weaver Street told our reporter that the LEC and LWSC are setting a bad precedence by perpetually ignoring the flooding at the LEC Joe Bar substation.“What I think we, the residents of Joe Bar should do is to carry out a sit in action at the entrances of the substation in Paynesville and LWSC in Monrovia in order to stimulate practical steps,” Mrs. Williamson suggested.She recalled a threat from Ms. Handful Meata Duwana of Duala to organize her wedding in the rotten and stinking garbage at the Duala Market, if the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) did not clean and dispose of the garbage.When that threat was issued by Ms. Duwana, Mrs. Williamson explained, steps were immediately taken by the MCC sanitation department to clean and dispose of the garbage from the densely populated market area on the Bushrod Island in Monrovia.Such a threat, Mrs. Williamson stressed should be taken and carried out by residents and business people at the LEC Joe Bar substation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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