The ‘never stop believing’ in the times of the coronavirus

first_imgA fight against COVID-19 also full of anonymous faces that have not hesitated to put their shoulders to face it. There have been many supporters of Atlético that, through social networks, have counted their campaigns and collections throughout the Spanish territory. The solidarity of the Fuensalida, Alcorcón, Alavesa athletic supporters club, the 500 euros donated to Cáritas de Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila) by the Arenas Valdeolivas athletic supporters club. 880 raised the Peña Conquense for the fight against COVID-19, after it all started with a call for donations in a WhatsApp group and 30,000 has managed the Atlético Seguntina rock for the purchase of sanitary material. In his case, everything started with an appeal to the rest of the Peñas de Sigüenza, Guadalajara. In 24 hours they had already accumulated more than 10,000 euros. The Red Cross multi-response emergency truck is already a reality And, as the Aranjuez Red Cross revealed in a tweet this morning, it has a lot to do with Atlético de Madrid. And it has arrived thanks to the funds to fight the coronavirus collected by the campaign sponsored by the Simeone family and the Fundación del Atlético, #LoDamosTodo, which has involved many faces of Spanish cinema as well (Antonio Resines, Santiago Segura, José Mota …). And it is that the ‘Never stop believing’ has not been silenced in these days of confinement, but has resonated louder than ever. Solidarity tinged with rojiblanco, like that shirt that appears under the PPE of the guardsman Manuel Pujadas at the Gomez Ulla General Defense Hospital in Madrid and that went viral with his ’10’ in honor of Futre on his back. From Ronda to GetafeWhile the Ronda Four Bands athletic club It has filled the town of Malaga with solidarity actions such as the donation, hand in hand with Telepizza, of pizzas for the Local Police and Civil Protection, bouquets of flowers in nursing homes, artisan backpacks and sweets in the pediatric area of ​​the Serranía Hospital. . Packages with the Atlético shield for a flag like those that arrived at the University Hospital of Getafe this morning: it was the first shipment of medical equipment sent by the Getafe athletic club after enabling an account to support the fight against the coronavirus. Some examples of that ‘never stop believing’ that are lived throughout Spain, in these long and difficult days, red and white hope.last_img