Counteracting police intimidation – allow the Citizens to take videos on every occasion

first_imgDear Editor,Every day, I hear stories of Police harassment and intimidation. Police cars are parked up in front of bars and public places, following patrons as they depart. Frequently, when they confront you there is an attempt to shake down the person. This is outright harassment, entrapment, and intimidation. On a daily basis, our citizens have enough harassment from many sections of the authorities. Putting up with more taxes, regulations, fines, fees, penalties, blackouts, poor internet, are just some of the daily matters, our citizens must overcome. Add to that, police at every corner, on every street, frequent stopping of vehicles; one can’t blame the average person for a sense of being “fed up” and feeling frustrated.The Commissioner of Police is better-off calling off the police harassment on persons going to entertainment spots. Every citizen should have the right to video every interaction with the police and post to YouTube or Facebook.Every policeman should be courteous and professional. And fellow police ranks should have an obligation to report any case where monies are accepted for food or as a bribe or anything. Only when the Government and the leadership begin to hold their ranks accountable for professional and courteous police service, will the public experience this. Despite meager salaries, some police live a life better than the average citizen. What is their means? This culture has to be rooted out. Therefore, video and photographs of every police interaction with its citizens is essential and should expressly be encouraged and allowed.I look forward to the Commissioner of Police making clear such polices that show that they are committed to customer service of its citizens rather than having its ranks intimidate and harass its citizens every day.Sincerely,Name withheldlast_img