Look Who’s Coming to the Real-Time Web Summit

first_imgOn October 15th, in Mountain View California, ReadWriteWeb is convening a discussion on new opportunities in a real-time web. Called the ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit, the event will be a participant-driven, professionally facilitated, full day of brainstorming, problem solving, inspiration and networking. Who’s signed up to come so far? Below we offer a sample of participants just to give you an idea how the event is shaping up. Ultimately the content will be decided by you, so please join us for a conversation about what’s most important to you about the real-time web. Last year we happened across one of Kaliya Hamlin’s unconference events, spent a couple of hours there and it was an amazing experience. I’m really looking forward to the real-time web summit. The unconference format is an amazing way for things to happen, it gets everyone to lower their defenses. By opening peoples’ minds to ‘this is about whatever we want it to be about’, they look at how they can create value. -Martin Källström, CEO, TwinglyThat’s a sampling of highlighted companies and individuals attending, but you’ll be every bit their equal as a participant in the Real-Time Web Summit. Sessions at the event will be participant driven and we’ll be discussing everything from strategically filtering the real-time firehose to the bottom-line financial benefits of going real-time.Sign up now – early-bird registration ends Wednesday. We’ll see you in Mountain View!Photo: Our event facilitator and production partner Kaliya Hamlin, by Bill Johnston of partner organization Forum One Communications. marshall kirkpatrick Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Real-Time Web#web Related Posts Select Highlighted Participants at the Summit So FarContingents from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Atlassian and Betaworks (Bit.ly, Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed and more) are coming.Media innovators like Ted Roden of the New York Times R&D Lab and Enjoysthin.gs and Sam Whitmore of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey.Geeks like Brett Slatkin (Google, Pubsubhubbub), Brad Fitzpatrick (Google, Pubsubhubbub, LiveJournal, OpenID, Webfinger, etc.), Jeremy Hylton (Google), Leah Culver, Mary Hodder, Julien Genestoux (SuperFeedr), Ethan Gahng (LazyFeed) and the guys from CitySourced.Financial research engine FirstRain, enterprise Websocket gateway provider Kaazing and TIBCO.Real-time search engines like OneRiot, Wowd, Twingly and Collecta.A number of Venture Capitalists.last_img