Getting Your Finances on Track

first_imgBy Auyanna McBride, AFCPE-FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship InternWorking and performing daily activities, service members sometimes lose track of their household expenses until they look at their bank account statement and the balance is lower than expected.  A great way for military families to keep track of what they are spending and establish a budget is to get some paper envelopes.  If they have family, tell them to give each family member their own separate envelope so that they can put all of their receipts into an envelope too.  Advise service members to keep receipts of every purchase including groceries, gas, movies, etc.   Whenever they pay for anything, they should write it down or get a receipt.  At the end of the two week or one month period, the military family should sit down and review their lists and/or receipts.  By going over the receipts together, they will see where their money is being spent.  If they need to prepare a budget, tracking their expenses will help determine some of the items they need to cut back on and where to make changes to develop a budget and/or stay on budget.This post was published on the Military Families Learning Network Blog on August 23, 2013.last_img