NCN gets new Board of Directors comprising of Woolford Moseley among

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNew GNNL, NCN Board members receive Instruments of AppointmentMay 24, 2017In “latest news”New Chairpersons for NCN, Guyana Chronicle, GBA namedSeptember 4, 2015In “Politics”Chronicle Newspaper reduced to a “political rag”; New State Media Boards appointedSeptember 15, 2015In “Politics” Seven individuals were selected to be part of the newly constructed National Communications Network (NCN’s) Board of Directors.This is according to State Minister, Joseph Harmon during a Post Cabinet press briefing on Thursday at the Ministry of the Presidency.Woolford was appointed Chairman of the BoardThe persons identified as Directors of the state owned radio and television broadcasting entity are: owner of Capitol News and an veteran journalist, Enrico Woolford, owner of News source, journalist and radio announcer, Gordon Moseley, expert broadcaster, Margaret Lawrence, Michael Leonard, Kamal Persaud, Dane Gobin and the Director of the Government Information News Agency (GINA) Beverly Alert.Woolford was appointed Chairman of the Board which will be constituted for the period of May 21, 2017, to April 30, 2018.Harmon noted that the new Board will serve to ensure that the entity operates according to its policies and guidelines, that is to say, providing accurate information to the Guyanese public, while being timely.According to Harmon while the Board will not constitute the ‘management’ of NCN, government is expecting that with the outlined persons appointed as Directors “the policy at the NCN will be strengthened, that the questions of transparency and accountability will be enforced.”Former Chairman of the Board of the National Communication Network (NCN) Bishwa Panday resigned from the post in December 31, 2016.Panday, who was appointed back in September 2015, told media operatives that he was not able to dedicate valuable time to the task as such he said someone who has the time should be allowed the position.