Raspberry Pi planning incremental launch of 25 PC in December

first_imgUpdate: Raspberry Pi have since posted an update in response to this article clarifying a few things. First of all, the 10,000 “devices” we stated is actually parts kits. So the incremental launch will be those devices as they are manufactured. Also, the point about these going to programmers only was apparently not as specific as it first seemed. Raspberry Pi view it as this first batch going to enthusiasts, so if you order one, you may be lucky and get one depending on the level of demand. Orders will be on a strictly first-come, first-served basis so some of you may still get them in December.Ever since the $25 PC came on our radar at Geek we have been expecting a November launch. But then a few days ago I saw a tweet from the official Raspberry Pi account that said the following:So I decided to investigate further and contacted Raspberry Pi to see what was going on. Eben Upton was kind enough to email me back and give us some good and bad news. The bad news is, we aren’t getting the $25 PC this month as expected. But that’s where the bad news ends as it is still arriving in 2011 for some people.Eben confirmed that an order has been placed for 10,000 units, but they won’t arrive until the end of November. That means we will see Raspberry Pi go up for sale in December, but it won’t be a typical “get as many out the door as you can” launch.Raspberry Pi is a charity, and this is a very new and experimental device. With that in mind it has been decided to do an incremental launch. As Eben points out, “We could burn through capital pretty fast if we chuck out 10k units and get a 10% return rate.”Although that thinking may upset a few people expecting to have at least one Raspberry Pi in their possession for Christmas, it does make the most sense for the Foundation.David Braben has also backed up this stance by stating via GigaOM that those first 10,000 units will be going to programmers. Why programmers? Because the ultimate aim of the $25 PC is to get it into the hands of kids, and the more software available on the device at a real, consumer launch, the better chance there is more kids will embrace it.With that in mind, we won’t be seeing the consumer version of the $25 PC until sometime in 2012.No details have been made available yet as to how those first 10k units will be allocated, but hopefully the plan will appear on the official Raspberry Pi website before we reach the end of November.last_img