Nintendo readies 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro for December release

first_imgIt’s still hard to believe Nintendo didn’t integrate a second thumbstick into the larger 3DS XL $299.99 at Amazon , but apparently there just wasn’t space unless a smaller battery was used. So that means 3DS XL owners would be getting a new Circle Pad Pro to fit the larger handheld and allows games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Resident Evil: Revelations to be played as intended.Until now Nintendo has only confirmed that the larger Circle Pad Pro was in development, but not when it would be released. However, a quick check on the Nintendo Japan website reveals it has been added to the accessories catalog and will be available from December 12 in Japan. Other regions may get it at the same time, or otherwise will probably be forced to wait until early 2013.Compared to the original Circle Pad Pro, Nintendo has made some changes to minimize the size and make it easier to grip. As you can see, the plastic below the right thumbstick curves inwards as it reaches the corner, where as the 3DS Circle Pad Pro went straight down. The plastic also forms a thinner border around the front and left side of the 3DS XL. Both these changes have clearly been done for hand comfort and to stop smaller hands needing to strech to reach the buttons.It’s unclear why it has taken Nintendo so long to get the new accessory ready and why we have to wait until December to get our hands on it. Could it be Wii U and 3DS manufacturing is taking priority? If so, then Nintendo needs to add some capacity to its production lines.More at Nintendo Japan, via Nintendo Everythinglast_img