Give Your Significant Other a Valentines to Remember With Chocolate Ramen

first_imgStay on target Thieves Stole $100,000 Worth of Ramen From a Parked Semi-TrailerI Ate Robot Ramen and Drank Robot Coffee in San Francisco Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that likely means you’re looking for something delicious to give your significant other regarding candies or chocolates. How about something different and decadent to celebrate your relationship? Just hop a plane to Japan for some limited time sweets, namely one that might seem a little bizarre: chocolate ramen.The Tokyo ramen chain Menya Musashi offers a special chocolate ramen menu for the first two weeks of February to give diners a special treat. RocketNews24 stopped by to give the ramen a taste and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Chocolate and noodles and meat, though? It sounds disgusting, but who knows?This year’s chocolate ramen special is named Tsuke Ghana 2017, which is meant to be a nod to the brand of chocolate, Ghana, that the Japanese candy company Lotte uses for its own treats. The ramen itself is served in two bowls, or “tsukemen-style,” and one has the noodles and toppings and the other bowl has your dipping sauce. In this case, a hearty chocolate sauce was used. It’s about 1,080 yen, and it offers a triple shot of chocolate with a broth made from 1.3 bars of Ghana chocolate to boot.You also get another piece of chocolate with the toppings; Foie Gras coated in chocolate with a chocolate center and all the rest of the normal ramen toppings that come with the rest of the bunch.RocketNews24 ended up digging the ramen, but it doesn’t seem like it would taste all that good to me, personally. But if you’re in the neighborhood and want to jazz up your date a little, you can’t go wrong with making a pitstop at Menya Musashi. Just don’t expect everything there to taste like candy, or you’ll be sorely disappointed.last_img