Space Jam 3 Jeremy Linstyle appears on YouTube

first_imgIn a spoof on the Michael Jordan arm stretch dunk that wins the game in the Space Jam movie, Lin stretches his arms to make the final points in the last 2 minutes of the game. The arm stretch proceeds out of the gymnasium, catching a Sandshrew via a passerby’s Pokemon Go app, before epically failing to make the winning shot. YouTuber Ryan Higa has been making comedy videos on his channel for over 9 years, garnering over 2.8 billion views and currently has over 17 million subscribers. The Space Jam 3 parody already boasts over 3.5 million views.  The video was shot in Las Vegas, utilizing only one day to complete all of the shots needed.In the behind the scenes video posted by Higa, Lin is asked if he’s excited to start filming for the day. He fixes his hair, smiling, and replies, “Heck yeah. It should be fun. I like anime. Well, I like Naruto a lot, and I like Space Jam a lot, and I like basketball, so it’s like all three of them combined.”Other behind the scenes footage shows the silliness while on set, with cast and crew messing around trying to break dance and make trick shots while between takes. Most hilarious has got to be Lin yodeling hopelessly as he pretends to fly while propped up on two boxes on a green screen.Perhaps we won’t ever see the fruition of the real Space Jam 2, but for now, we have the sequel of the sequel to enjoy. Is Space Jam 2 really happening? Is LeBron James seriously going to fill Michael Jordan’s shoes in a sequel that has no script and no release date? Does anyone really care?The answer is, duh, of course nerds love Space Jam! WE WILL NEVER LET IT DIE…And neither will self-professed lover of anime and games, Jeremy Lin, better known for being a standout NBA basketball star whose time with the New York Knicks in 2012 created the “Linsanity” phenomenon. Lin beats Warner Brothers and James to the punch, teaming up with YouTuber Ryan Higa in a hilarious spoof on the franchise, titled Space Jam 3.In the fan film, Lin comically announces his retirement from playing basketball, so he can focus on the finer things in life, like watching anime and playing video games.While in the midst of doing both of those things in the sanctity of his own nerd space, Naruto, played by Higa, breaks the fourth wall and speaks to Lin through the screen, saying, “Hang on!” Lin is transported through his monitor to the world of anime characters, tasked with teaching the ragtag team how to properly play basketball while harnessing their special powers. Members of the anime version of the Tune Squad include Sailor Moon, Yami Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Goku of Dragonball Z.The Tune Squad, hilariously renamed the AnimeNiacs by Naruto, must work together to win against an evil team of other nondescript anime characters named the Anime All Stars. We have no idea what’s at stake here, besides the glory of the win. The AnimeNiacs do a little powwow in the locker room, while Lin uses a bottle of “Jeremy’s Secret Stuff,” a tribute to Michael Jordan’s similar bottle in the original movie, to more finely tame his man bun as a hair spray.In the match against the Anime All Stars, the AnimeNiacs use their unique skills to dominate the court. Naruto uses his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone) technique, Yugi casts his spellbinding circle using his cards, Goku manages a super jump, and Sailor Moon just sort of winks and the basketball magically goes in during a foul shot.last_img