January 13 2016On a very cold evening the battle

first_imgJanuary 13, 2016On a very cold evening the battle to save Arcosanti erupted as dueling forces Good and Evil faced off at the Dam.[photo by Rob Jameson, text by Hildemar Cruz]In celebration of one of the Arconauts birthday residents got together to stage an epic battle.[photo by Laura Via Baroncelli]The surprise battle got under way late Saturday afternoon. Teams were divided, lines were rehearsed and [foam] weapons were created. [photo by Laura Via Baroncelli]Once all of the costumes were done the unsuspecting birthday boy [man] was lured into the midst of the crew to first of all listen to a personal epic of what was about to unfold and what was expected of him.[photo by Laura Via Baroncelli]After a grueling battle the leaders of the opposing forces met in a ring of fire.[photo by Rob Jameson]last_img