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reached the school within two minutes and found a mound of rubble with flames shooting out. Plateau and Osun states to issue ultimatum to their respective governments where they are expected to pay or embark on a strike action. the school authorities have begun campus patrol. though she has criticized walkouts and protests demanding such increases.

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During the discussion, a route earlier considered by Dakota Access. that "there’s no definitive evidence" of certain foods being anti-angiogenic and more research is needed.During his visit to Washington The Edge and Li visited Capitol Hillon Mondayto argue for more research on the issue They also talked to the Post The following has been edited for length and clarity:Q: How did your daughter’s experience affect youThe Edge: When my daughter was first diagnosed with leukemia I was I guess like any parent would be sent into a complete tailspin Coming out of that part of what I was determined to do was to fully understand what this meant The good news is that chemotherapy protocols are very well understood and the success rate is high So you don’t need to try anything different As it happens we were able to take advantage of to provide dietary changes to offer additional support to combat the diseaseWhat I really felt acutely having brought my daughter through this treatment is we can do better than chemotherapy It’s brutal it’s very crude; you basically are killing cancer cells at a slightly higher rate than you are killing normal cells As a strategy it seemed like a blunt instrument I couldn’t imagine that we couldn’t do betterWhen I discovered the angiogenesis approach I thought "This is part of the future It might not be the whole future but it’s part of it"Q: How are you trying to promote that approachThe Edge: We’re communicating with scientists from other fields talking to government officials about what we know and where we see the future and also doing public outreach We’re just trying to encourage greater interest in this areaThe emphasis surely has to be on focusing more on prevention and angiogenesis and diet is an obvious place to lookLi: We want to use the tools of biotechnology to ask questions about how foods actually work in the body This is almost a redefinition or reconceptualization of nutrition itself away from macro- and micronutrients to ask: ‘What happens to foods when they encounter human cells’We are really at the beginning of this era of research to begin understanding how whole foods combinations of whole foods and even how they are prepared and even the variations between the different varieties of food can make a differenceQ: It’s hard to prove that any particular food can prevent cancer What is the evidence that the specific foods might actually protect people from the diseaseThe Edge: Some of it is in the state of being a very good theory a theory that has a lot of evidence around it population studies there are actually laboratory tests that the foundation has funded where you literally grow human cells in a petri dish and see what happens when certain foods are addedOf course that wouldn’t pass muster as hard scientific FDA-approved proof But it’s really compelling when you start to see in petri dish that these foods are really having an effect which in some cases rivals pharmacology What we really need is for the government to step in and fund this research the system is set up for Big Pharma developing drugs with big profit margins We don’t want them to stop but what isn’t being done right now is a lot of funding of greater understanding of these molecules in foodLi: "It’s tempting for all of us in biomedicine to want the magic bullet the one thing to make everything else go away but the body of research has shown that both health and disease are much more complicated We think that food is one of the pieces of the puzzle of life that deserves the kind of modern scientific approach that has taken biotech to where it is today And when you marry together all the tools that are available with what we put on our plate and the choices we make in the grocery store and the market we think there is literally an undiscovered country that can contribute to the health of societyWhat we’re really trying to do is develop a platform of understanding not just one food but many foods and combinations of foods One of our first priorities is to systematically study whole unprocessed foods using laboratory assays that have been used traditionally for drug discovery"Q: What do you eatThe Edge: I actually do eat berries every day different ones and whole food as much as I can I eat foods with antiangiogenic propertiesThree teens were cited as juveniles following an investigation into an aggravated assault on July 28 the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office has reportedCourt records filed this week show John Holmberg Wilson 16 is now charged as an adult with a class AA felony in connection with the incidentDocuments say Wilson and two other teens allegedly made a plan to kill another individual identified in court records as Alessandro Pippia Court records say Wilson and the other two teens allegedly took Pippia to a secluded location and struck him in the head with a baseball batThe Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office said in August that the victim an adult survived the assault but authorities did not provide any information about the extent of the injuriesNorth Dakota statutes allow juvenile cases to be transferred when the court has reasonable grounds to believe the child has committed the act alleged when the child is not amenable to rehabilitation as a juvenile and the interests of the community require that the child be placed under legal restraint

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