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The bench said there should be a regular monitoring — daily checks every six hours — of the ZIPNet where photographs of missing children is uploaded and also asked the Centre and Delhi Police to come with a proposal on putting in place a facial recognition software. industrialist,jeweller Arshad Yusuf Wahedna and Upma Chauhan are shareholders in Blakemore Consulting Corporation Both were issued one share each on May 10 2000 Arshad was appointed director on July 28 1999 and Upma on June 14 2000 The address provided when they set up the company was Prebon Yamane (India) Limited but Arshad no longer works there Upma is the sister of Vijay Choraria managing director Prebon Yamane Signatures of Wahedna and Chauhan on a Blackmore resolution Arshad and Upma ceased to be shareholders in Blakemore on April 30 2010 The shares were transferred to Padam Baid 604 Al Rolla Street Al Rolla Plaza Bur Dubai as per a resolution by all directors dated April 30 2010 Panama Papers Since the incorporation of Blakemore Upma and Arshad were issued a share each valued on the date of the resolution at GBP 25000 each Padam Baid made available certain “facilities” to Blakemore worth GBP 50000 Upma and Arshad transferred their shares to Padam Baid in exchange for the cancellation of the debt Both resigned on April 30 2010 Arshad is a shareholder in another BVI company called Esytel Commercial SA He was issued 500 shares on March 17 2003 He was issued 1000 shares on July 11 2005 He ceased to be a member on September 5 2006 after he was issued 500 shares Another 500 shares were issued to Forbes Partners Corp Also Read |#PanamaPapersIndia Part 3: Bellary baron tank tycoon topindustrialist This company ceased to be a member on March 11 2008 Watch Video |Panama Papers: How Mossack Fonseca Help Stash Away Billions Of Dollars Arshad is a shareholder in a third company Chrysanthemum Limited in Seychelles in which he has 53 shares He has provided a Dubai address The second shareholder in the company is Gaurav Goel with 43 shares and a Dubai address RESPONSE: Vijay Choraria refused to provide a forwarding address or email ID for his sister Upma “She has been an NRI for at least 20 years and used to work as a physiotherapist in the USA She is married and has two children My sister is a simple middle-class person” said Choraria -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Samaresh Chakrabarti Offshore entity: Robbins Investments Ltd Location: BVI On October 1 1997 the company was incorporated and Samaresh Chakrabarti issued one share Rima Chakrabarti listed as his daughter with a New York address was also issued a share on the same day Both were appointed as directors on October 1 1997 At a meeting held on July 6 2003 the appointment of Rittick Chakrabarti as a director was confirmed Rima acted as chairman during the meeting and Samaresh as secretary The meeting also resolved to issue one share to Rittick who also listed a New York address He was issued one share on July 6 2003 Accordingly Rittick provided a letter giving consent to act as a director on the same day Samaresh Chakrabarti died in 2012 Read |#PanamaPapers India Part 4: Tyre dealer boutique owner top CA RESPONSE: Samaresh’s brother Amaresh Chakrabarti who retired in 2015 from the Reliance facility in Jamnagar said: “Samaresh worked with Reckitt and Colman and several other companies His daughter (Rima) and son (Rittick) live in New York I have never heard of Robbins Investments Ltd I am not in touch with Rima and Rittick” -Aniruddha Ghosal & Esha Roy/ Kolkata *** Watch Video |Explained: What Do The Panama Papers Reveal Thomas Peediakkal Parambil Mathew & Pirwani Abdul Kadar Kasambhai Offshore entity: Pamkind Ltd Location: Bahamas On February 8 2001 Pamkind was incorporated and Thomas Mathew and Pirwani Abdul Kadar Kasambhai issued one share each and appointed directors Mathew has been working in Indonesia for the last two years He worked for a firm in Bahrain in the 1990s before moving to the UK and back to Alappuzha in Kerala Later Mathew went to Malaysia and returned to Alappuzha before moving to Indonesia Kadar Pirwani is a resident of Adamji Nagar in Vartej village on the outskirts of Bhavnagar city Pirwani who studied up to Class VIII helped his father in the family business of brick kilns before entering the ship-breaking industry in 1990-91 He partnered with Ajay Kumar Bhatia of Punjab and started recycling ships under the banner Baldev Shipbreakers at the Alang yard in Bhavnagar Gujarat Maritime Board took possession of the plot of Baldev Shipbreakers in 2001-02 says Pirwani adding that the matter is pending in Gujarat High Court Pirwani said he now trades in metal scrap while Bhatia has settled in Dubai RESPONSE: Pirwani said he came in contact with Mathew after deciding to form a shell company “We incorporated a company to purchase ships But the company couldn’t do any business and we closed it down within two years Mathew was a broker who provided the service of incorporating offshore companies We gave him around Rs 1 lakh and provided details of my passport for setting up the company He also became a director We chose the Bahamas as one could set up a company there with a capital of just $1 and because ships were available there He spent around Rs 50000 for incorporating the company kept the balance Rs 50000 as his profit for the services provided” said Pirwani “The company never did any business I did not even receive papers of its incorporation Matthew told me that the formality of setting up the firm had been completed After the recycling plot was taken away from us by the GMB we defaulted on a bank loan and decided to close down Pamkind Limited” said Pirwani Asked if he obtained RBI permission Pirwani said “It was not an investment I had given the money to Mathew for setting up the new company Even if it is treated as investment in an overseas company the amount was just $1 which would not require RBI permission” “Almost all ship-breakers have an overseas firm since incorporating one is so cheap Plus in the event of a ship capsizing or its operation being halted due to any claim the liability will be just $1” he said When contacted on April 28 Thomas Mathew’s wife Asha Thomas said: “He might have launched the firm in the Bahamas when he was in the UK in the early 2000s But it did not take off He might have registered the firm but not undertake any business activity I don’t know anything more’’ she said Thomas declined to provide Mathew’s contact details in Indonesia and said she had asked him “to call you back’ He is yet to respond -Shaju Philip/Alappuzha & Gopal Kateshiya/Bhavnagar *** Watch Video |Panama Papers: Big Names In The Indian List Ajit Gordhandas Uttamchandani & Sushmita Ajit Uttamchandani Offshore entity: Supernova Associates Inc Location: Bahamas Ajit and Sushmita Uttamchandani were issued three shares each of Supernova on April 19 2001 The company had earlier issued bearer shares on June 2 1998 But a board meeting on April 19 2001 annulled the bearer shares and issued six shares to both The existing M&AA (Memorandum and Articles of Association) were revoked and new one adopted Keynes Ltd and Walden Ltd directors in the company were represented by their executives Minutes of the meeting of directors on June 2 1998 shows that two bearer shares were issued and a Power of Attorney granted to Ajit and Sushmita Even then Keynes Ltd and Walden Ltd were directors and represented by their executives The change from bearer shares to shares in the name of the owners was a result of new legal curbs in the Bahamas On July 24 2012 Supernova entered into a facility agreement with Bank Leumi UK to borrow GBP 220000 The board of directors provided unanimous written consent on July 27 2012 for the agreement The agreement was renewed on July 15 2013 to make available an overdraft facility of GBP 180000 to assist with the extension of the leasehold of Flat 6 Wyndham House Bryanston Square London The bank sought 100 per cent asset cover and charged GBP 900 as arrangement fee The renewed agreement was signed on July 26 2013 Ajit and Sushmita no longer reside at the Mumbai address provided to MF are based in the USA and have let out their first-floor home RESPONSE: Gobind Tolani a relative who handles their affairs in Mumbai declined to provide an email address and said he would pass on the questions They did not revert with a comment -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Raju Radhakrishna Shete Offshore entity: Consolidated (Holdings) Ltd Location: Bahamas Shete holds 10 shares in Consolidated Described as an “entrepreneur” Shete was appointed as a director on September 3 1999 The authorised capital of Consolidated is $10000 (1000 shares of $10 par value each) As per a Certificate of Incumbency issued on June 7 2011 the shareholders of the company are Shete with 10 shares and CM Skye Trustees Ltd the trustees of Consolidated with 990 shares Shete is listed as the shareholder of Consolidated Ltd Lalit Kumar Khanna is one of the three directors the other two being Park Ltd and Stone Ltd RESPONSE: “Consolidated Holdings Limited was established when I was not a resident of India During that period I was engaged in operating a food services business internationally I held shares in this company and was also a director on the board of the company and both these facts have been disclosed to the regulatory authorities concerned and are a part of my relevant income-tax filings in India This company is no longer in existence” said Shete -Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Amrendra Kumar Offshore entity: Ingold Resources Ltd Location: BVI Ingold was incorporated on February 26 2001 and issued 50000 bearer shares on April 4 2001 MF records show that these shares were transferred to Amrendra Kumar then listed as a resident of Moscow on March 9 2010 Records also show that Kumar is the beneficial owner of Ingold MF document lists Kumar as beneficiary owner lists Gurgaon address The other listed address of Amrendra is in Gurgaon which is a bungalow that was under renovation when The Indian Express visited on April 27 No one was available for comment at the address but when Amrendra’s father Ram Nath Singh was contacted on a telephone number provided by neighbours he denied any knowledge of Ingold and said that his son was working in Dubai Mossack Fonseca (MF) records show that Ingold entered into a Trade Finance Security Agreement dated October 8 2001 with BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA and the discharge date was February 2 2014 RESPONSE: “I’ll not be able to respond to your emails but let me tell you that I have been an NRI for over 25 years now” said Amrendra Kumar over phone -Abhishek Angad/New Delhi *** Mohan Thadani & Arjun Thadani Offshore entity: Mitarj International Corp Location: Seychelles On January 12 2004 Mohan Thadani and Arjun Thadani were issued 2500 shares each The capital of the company is $5000 comprising 5000 shares of $1 each Mohan and Arjun were appointed as directors on December 31 2003 Karamjit Singh Bahal was issued the power of attorney (PoA) to manage the company without any limitation Subsequently Arjun changed his address from Mumbai to Nigeria USA Corporate Services Inc Albany New York is the intermediary that facilitated the setting up of the offshore entity by the Thadanis The company’s activity was described as “to open accounts to hold the funds of shareholders” Watch all Panama Related Videos here Due to lack of any activity the company proposed to wind up and dissolve The liquidator was Fides Liquidator Inc provided by MF and located at Mossfon Building in Panama The liquidation was authorised by the unanimous vote of all shareholders on September 12 2012 They also provided a letter on September 12 2012 indemnifying MF and Fides Liquidator against all lawsuits claims etc On October 14 2012 the Thadanis gave a letter certifying that all bank accounts opened under the name of the company had been closed They also attached relevant letters from banks All transactions performed and agreements executed by the company have been concluded They certified that the company has no further commercial activities and has disposed of all assets and liabilities They added that the company will continue to discharge or pay or provide for the payment of all claims debts liabilities and obligations in full Mitarj International Corporation was finally dissolved on December 10 2012 RESPONSE: “I became a non-resident in 1981 and still am Mitarj International Corporation Seychelles was wound up many years ago I have complied with all laws of India” said Mohan Thadani -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Gopal Anand Offshore entity: Project and Management Services Ltd Location: BVI Project and Management Services Limited was registered and incorporated on August 7 1997 Gopal Anand held all 100 ordinary shares since August 15 1997 It was struck off the register on April 30 2015 Anand 70 is an MBA from XLRI who worked for over 40 years from 1974 in Africa as a management consultant He no longer resides in the Bengaluru address listed in MF files but lives elsewhere in the city along with his wife Tara Records with the Registrar of Companies show that an Indian firm Ojas Diamonds Pvt Ltd — with Tara and Mumbai industrialist P D Jhaveri as partners — was registered in September 1990 at the same address listed in MF files A January 2000 Memorandum of Association of a medical transcription firm called New Planet Solutions Pvt Ltd where Anand is a director also shows the address listed by MF for the BVI entity RESPONSE: “I specialised in rescuing sick companies in Africa I have been an NRI since 1974 and only moved back here a couple of years ago I started Project Management Services at a cost of $ 500 to provide consultancy services to rescue African companies I was based abroad and did not move any money from India to the firm The firm is closed now I have been residing in India and paying taxes here over the last two years” Gopal Anand said “Since I was working in Africa I was not paying taxes in India until two years ago and there was no requirement for clearances from India to set up PMS I stopped running the firm which was providing managerial services to companies in Africa around five to six years ago’’ Anand said – Johnson TA/Bengaluru *** Ashok Bahecharbhai Patel Offshore entity: Rollicks Holdings Ltd Location: BVI On July 31 2001 Ratilal Bahecharbhai Patel and Ashok Bahecharbhai Patel were issued one share each in Rollicks On May 24 2004 Neeraj Ratilal Patel was issued one share Ratilal and Ashok ceased to be shareholders and directors on February 2 2007 and May 24 2004 respectively Neeraj Ratilal Patel was appointed a director on May 24 2004 and Pramila Ratilal Patel as a director on July 29 2004 Both have a Zambia address listed Ashok Ramniklal Modi was appointed a director on February 1 2007 Neeraj and Pramila became shareholders on May 24 2004 and February 7 2007 respectively RESPONSE: At his listed Mumbai address The Indian Express was told that Ashok Patel was out of the country A questionnaire was handed over to his wife on April 26 Patel is yet to respond – Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Behram Bomani Dubash Offshore entity: Zen Services Ltd Location: Bahamas Behram Dubash was issued 5000 shares in Zen Services Limited on December 21 1998 He ceased to be a shareholder on November 14 2011 The 5000 shares were issued to The Ramesh Foundation at the address C/O Domar Heiligkreuz 6 9990 Vaduz Liechtenstein on November 14 2011 The company has two directors: Exchange Nominees Limited appointed on January 17 2001 and Raztron Limited appointed on December 21 1998 — both carry the same Isle of Man address It was struck off the register for non-payment of licence fees but restored on March 10 2003 RESPONSE: Dubash does not reside at the listed Mumbai address and is based in the USA “I have been a Non-Resident Indian for many years This company was set up during the period that I was an NRI and did not require any RBI permission or income-tax reporting In any case the company was dissolved years ago” said Dubash in response to a questionnaire handed over to his son Tuhad Dubash -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Gandhi Hareshkumar Dwarakadas Offshore entity: Northglenn Group Ltd Location: BVI Hareshkumar was issued one share in Northglenn on January 18 2001 and was appointed a director the same day Gandhi Viral Haresh with an Australia address and two passports listed was issued 49999 shares on April 3 2001 On March 30 2001 Dwarakadas wrote to the company’s board of directors forwarding remittance of $49999 as deposit for shares of $1 each with a request to allot the shares A Certificate of Incumbency of April 9 2001 states that Dwarakadas was appointed a director on January 18 2001 and held 50000 shares of $1 each RESPONSE: The Indian Express was not allowed entry at the listed Mumbai address of Dwarakadas He is yet to respond to a questionnaire handed over at the gate on April 26 -Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Darab Dubash Offshore entity: Al Arkan Trading (Europe) Ltd Location: Bahamas Darab Dubash was appointed a director of Al Arkan on April 30 1998 and resigned on September 26 2005 On May 25 1998 Darab Dubash was allotted 1200 shares of $1 each On the same day JDO Secretaries Ltd was allotted 800 shares of $1 each On October 13 2000 Dubash transferred his shares to JDO Secretaries Ltd On November 15 2005 the board of directors noted that the beneficial owner (Dubash) had requested that the shares be transferred to Savoy Oak Foundation with an address at Liechtenstein and that the company’s bank accounts held at HSBC in Isle of Man be closed On November 10 2011 it was resolved that as per Dubash’s request on completion of liquidation of Savoy Oak Foundation the shares be transferred to Dubash again and on to Julius Baer Trust Company (New Zealand) It was also resolved that a bank account in the company’s name be opened at Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd Guernsey — and that on receipt of new account numbers the balance in the HSBC accounts be transferred directly to the new account at Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd RESPONSE: Dubash does not reside at the Mumbai address listed at the time of incorporation of Al Arkan Trading and stays mostly in the USA “I have been a Non-Resident Indian for the past 20 years This company was set up when I was a non-resident Indian therefore Reserve Bank of India and income-tax reporting was not required I ceased to own any shares in this company several years ago” said Dubash in response to a questionnaire handed over to his son Arvind Dubash -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Nirmala Murthy Offshore entity: Meru Group Ltd Location: BVI Meru was incorporated on March 4 2003 with 50000 shares allotted at $1 par value each Nirmala was director from March 5 2003 to January 7 2011 She was also issued one share on March 5 2003 On December 30 2010 Nirmala wrote to Meru seeking to transfer her share of no par value to Abi Murthy and Karun Rajasekharan both with USA addresses A Certificate of Incumbency issued on June 15 2015 described Nirmala as a shareholder and a director in Meru Murthy’s signature on a Meru document; she denied link On June 12 2015 Pearlmans Solicitors of London acting on behalf of Abi Murthy and Karun Rajasekharan wrote to MF about the sale of a property at 12 Central Park Lodge 54-58 Bolsover Street London “Our attached BVI company search reveals that you are the registered agents of the company In order for us to complete our compliance procedures can you please send us a certificate of incumbency detailing the names of the registered directors and shareholders of Meru Group Limited Please also let have any further information which you consider relevant impeding the sale of the above property by the company” stated the letter by the solicitor to MF & Co Abi and Karun are also linked to Meru Associates Ltd which according to a MF-issued Certificate of Incumbency of November 11 2003 is shown as Meru Group Ltd’s secretary Meru Associates Ltd is a management consulting firm in the UK RESPONSE: “I have no clue about this I don’t know who Abi and Karun are The name and address you have given is correct but I am 80 years old I retired from service as a teacher from Avinashilingam University in Coimbatore” said Nirmala Murthy Avinashilingam is a deemed university in Coimbatore started in 1957 by the Avinashilingam Educational Trust -Arun Janardhanan/ Chennai *** Sumant Gaurishanker Daftary & Vasumati Sumant Daftary Offshore entity: Lila International Ltd Location: BVI Lila was incorporated on April 15 2002 with Sumant and Vasumati as the first directors Both held 50 shares each at a par value of $1 per share On November 10 2005 both transferred the shares to Barfield Nominees Ltd On the same day Sumant resigned as secretary and their daughter Mala-Sonya Sumant Daftary was appointed managing director On July 8 2014 Mala-Sonya a US citizen with an Egypt address acquired 100 shares from Barfield Nominees MF papers list Mala-Sonya’s occupation as “consultant” Vasumati passed away on February 20 2015 while Sumant resides at their listed Mumbai address with his daughter RESPONSE: “No comments” said Mala-Sonya in response to a questionnaire handed over to her at the Mumbai address -Srinath Rao/ Mumbai *** Ismail Umarbhai Hukkawala & Aziza Ismail Hukkawala Offshore entity: Hina Investments Pvt Ltd Location: BVI Hina was incorporated on September 9 1997 and two bearer certificates each representing 1250 shares were issued On May 31 2001 1250 shares were transferred each to Ismail and his wife Aziza On May 31 2004 Aziza received all 2500 shares From December 12 2004 all shares were transferred to Professional Nominees Ltd (till September 9 2005) and Jupiter Nominees Incorporated (till August 3 2007) The shares are now held by Minerva Trust Company Ltd All companies have the same address: 43/45 La Motte Street St Helier JE4 8SD Jersey Cidel Bank and Trust Inc (Barbados) acted as the trustees for Hinas Trust the sole shareholder of the company on June 15 2006 Ismail Hukkawala died in Abu Dhabi in 2005 Aziza returned to Sabarkantha in Gujarat where she lives with her daughter and son-in-law Shafi Zaaz a businessman Hukkawala was employed with state-owned Bank of Baroda and was posted in Abu Dhabi Zaaz said Hukkawala quit BoB and joined National Bank of Abu Dhabi He was a chartered accountant and acted as a consultant after retirement said Zaaz RESPONSE: Hukkawala’s son-in-law Shafi Zaaz said: “We have not received any communication from any bank or any government agencies After he (Hukkawala) passed away due to a heart attack my mother-in-law returned to Modasa and since then we are living together Her other three children live in the US” -Satish Jha/Ahmedabad *** Chotumati Chimanbhai Patel Offshore entity: Dustan Investments Ltd Location: Bahamas Chotumati Chimanbhai Patel holds one share in Dustan Investments Ltd a company incorporated on June 5 2000 RESPONSE: Chotumati Patel was not available at the address listed in Vadodara A woman at another Vadodara address listed in MF files said that she did not know Chimanbhai Patel -Aditi Raja/Vadodara An Investigation by The Indian Express with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists & Suddeutsche Zeitung Munich For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: July 28 2016 2:32 am Top News The Opposition is planning to take its battle against ‘tainted ministers’ in the BJP-Sena government to court highly placed sources revealed to The Indian Express “The response from the government on tainted ministers has not been very satisfying We will file a PIL and force action against them” a senior leader said The Opposition has demanded a probe against all such ministers under the Commission Of Inquiry Act The failure of the government to accept the demand has seen disruptions in the Legislative Council over the past three days In the Assembly Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has responded to the Congress-NCP defending all his ministers The leaders under the Opposition’s attack include Women And Child Development minister Pankaja Munde School Education Minister Vinod Tawde Labour Minister Sambhaji Patil Nilengekar Tourism minister Jaikumar Rawal Tribal Welfare minister Vishnu Sawra and former minister Eknath Khadse While Waikar Sawra and Munde are facing charges of violation of norms Rawal and Nilangekar are accused of wrongdoings related to district cooperative banks A senior NCP leader said “We will move court against ministers who are facing serious charges and against whom we have documentary evidence” The BJP meanwhile appears unruffled A source in the ruling party said “If the Opposition is so keen on investigations under the Commission Of Inquiry Act why confine it only to six ministers We will also demand similar inquiries in all corruption cases against Congress and NCP ministers in the past 15 years We have documents and CAG reports to substantiate charges against opposition leaders like Ashok Chavan Ajit Pawar and Sunil Tatkare” Both opposition leader Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil and Dhananjay Munde said that the chief minister cannot keep defending the wrongdoings of his ministers and that he should at least order a probe They added that if any of the ministers are proved innocent there would be no question of action For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Amitav Ranjan | New Delhi | Published: April 12 2015 3:28 am The DoPT would then provide Rs 5 lakh to furnish it to provide a child-friendly environment Related News As Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of ‘Stree Shakti (women’s empowerment)’ the Department of Personnel and Training has proposed that all ministries join hands to set up crèches in each of the central government buildings for children of their women employees In meetings chaired by the Cabinet Secretary officials were told to assess the number of mothers that would avail of the facility For opening a crèche the minimum number required has been fixed at 15 women employees Share This Article Related Article One of the departments in each government building housing the ministries would have to provide the space for the crèche The DoPT would then provide Rs 5 lakh to furnish it to provide a child-friendly environment The ministry that provides the space which would be the administrative machinery for that crèche would hire train and pay wages to nurses to look after children from 9 am to 530 pm The available services at the crèches would include supplementary nutrition emergency medicines and free toys through the DoPT’s Grih Kalyan Kendra which runs crèches in government colonies throughout the national capital The crèches are expected to be a model for the private sector after an attempt in 2006 to make it mandatory for all workplaces employing 20 or more women to provide for crèches was shelved for fear that it may turn private sector off women employees For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Golaghat | Published: December 19 2016 1:46 pm Akhil Gogoi (left) also spoke about the demonetisation measure by the Centre?#PanamaPapersIndia Part 1: Clients who knocked on a Panama?

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