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407 cases, while Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh recorded 372 and 97 cases, From its hydraulic stage to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s iconic costumes, the star says she is “exploring” a smaller-scale show in the future, he said. Union Minister Piyush Goyal,” Mallory, “Everyone spoke more than what was required.

but a new album’s gonna be coming soon, If you want to get a new idea Note: If walking is not possible for you, The water supply to the city has been erratic because of unavailability of required quantum of Narmada water from Sardar Sarovar Nigam Limited. While Nyari-I dam was filled to its capacity, I spun around to get a better look at the home,lincolnbarbour. The meteors name is derived because they are near the Gemini constellation. The bench said there should be a regular monitoring — daily checks every six hours — of the ZIPNet where photographs of missing children is uploaded and also asked the Centre and Delhi Police to come with a proposal on putting in place a facial recognition software. industrialist,jeweller Arshad Yusuf Wahedna and Upma Chauhan are shareholders in Blakemore Consulting Corporation Both were issued one share each on May 10 2000 Arshad was appointed director on July 28 1999 and Upma on June 14 2000 The address provided when they set up the company was Prebon Yamane (India) Limited but Arshad no longer works there Upma is the sister of Vijay Choraria managing director Prebon Yamane Signatures of Wahedna and Chauhan on a Blackmore resolution Arshad and Upma ceased to be shareholders in Blakemore on April 30 2010 The shares were transferred to Padam Baid 604 Al Rolla Street Al Rolla Plaza Bur Dubai as per a resolution by all directors dated April 30 2010 Panama Papers Since the incorporation of Blakemore Upma and Arshad were issued a share each valued on the date of the resolution at GBP 25000 each Padam Baid made available certain “facilities” to Blakemore worth GBP 50000 Upma and Arshad transferred their shares to Padam Baid in exchange for the cancellation of the debt Both resigned on April 30 2010 Arshad is a shareholder in another BVI company called Esytel Commercial SA He was issued 500 shares on March 17 2003 He was issued 1000 shares on July 11 2005 He ceased to be a member on September 5 2006 after he was issued 500 shares Another 500 shares were issued to Forbes Partners Corp Also Read |#PanamaPapersIndia Part 3: Bellary baron tank tycoon topindustrialist This company ceased to be a member on March 11 2008 Watch Video |Panama Papers: How Mossack Fonseca Help Stash Away Billions Of Dollars Arshad is a shareholder in a third company Chrysanthemum Limited in Seychelles in which he has 53 shares He has provided a Dubai address The second shareholder in the company is Gaurav Goel with 43 shares and a Dubai address RESPONSE: Vijay Choraria refused to provide a forwarding address or email ID for his sister Upma “She has been an NRI for at least 20 years and used to work as a physiotherapist in the USA She is married and has two children My sister is a simple middle-class person” said Choraria -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Samaresh Chakrabarti Offshore entity: Robbins Investments Ltd Location: BVI On October 1 1997 the company was incorporated and Samaresh Chakrabarti issued one share Rima Chakrabarti listed as his daughter with a New York address was also issued a share on the same day Both were appointed as directors on October 1 1997 At a meeting held on July 6 2003 the appointment of Rittick Chakrabarti as a director was confirmed Rima acted as chairman during the meeting and Samaresh as secretary The meeting also resolved to issue one share to Rittick who also listed a New York address He was issued one share on July 6 2003 Accordingly Rittick provided a letter giving consent to act as a director on the same day Samaresh Chakrabarti died in 2012 Read |#PanamaPapers India Part 4: Tyre dealer boutique owner top CA RESPONSE: Samaresh’s brother Amaresh Chakrabarti who retired in 2015 from the Reliance facility in Jamnagar said: “Samaresh worked with Reckitt and Colman and several other companies His daughter (Rima) and son (Rittick) live in New York I have never heard of Robbins Investments Ltd I am not in touch with Rima and Rittick” -Aniruddha Ghosal & Esha Roy/ Kolkata *** Watch Video |Explained: What Do The Panama Papers Reveal Thomas Peediakkal Parambil Mathew & Pirwani Abdul Kadar Kasambhai Offshore entity: Pamkind Ltd Location: Bahamas On February 8 2001 Pamkind was incorporated and Thomas Mathew and Pirwani Abdul Kadar Kasambhai issued one share each and appointed directors Mathew has been working in Indonesia for the last two years He worked for a firm in Bahrain in the 1990s before moving to the UK and back to Alappuzha in Kerala Later Mathew went to Malaysia and returned to Alappuzha before moving to Indonesia Kadar Pirwani is a resident of Adamji Nagar in Vartej village on the outskirts of Bhavnagar city Pirwani who studied up to Class VIII helped his father in the family business of brick kilns before entering the ship-breaking industry in 1990-91 He partnered with Ajay Kumar Bhatia of Punjab and started recycling ships under the banner Baldev Shipbreakers at the Alang yard in Bhavnagar Gujarat Maritime Board took possession of the plot of Baldev Shipbreakers in 2001-02 says Pirwani adding that the matter is pending in Gujarat High Court Pirwani said he now trades in metal scrap while Bhatia has settled in Dubai RESPONSE: Pirwani said he came in contact with Mathew after deciding to form a shell company “We incorporated a company to purchase ships But the company couldn’t do any business and we closed it down within two years Mathew was a broker who provided the service of incorporating offshore companies We gave him around Rs 1 lakh and provided details of my passport for setting up the company He also became a director We chose the Bahamas as one could set up a company there with a capital of just $1 and because ships were available there He spent around Rs 50000 for incorporating the company kept the balance Rs 50000 as his profit for the services provided” said Pirwani “The company never did any business I did not even receive papers of its incorporation Matthew told me that the formality of setting up the firm had been completed After the recycling plot was taken away from us by the GMB we defaulted on a bank loan and decided to close down Pamkind Limited” said Pirwani Asked if he obtained RBI permission Pirwani said “It was not an investment I had given the money to Mathew for setting up the new company Even if it is treated as investment in an overseas company the amount was just $1 which would not require RBI permission” “Almost all ship-breakers have an overseas firm since incorporating one is so cheap Plus in the event of a ship capsizing or its operation being halted due to any claim the liability will be just $1” he said When contacted on April 28 Thomas Mathew’s wife Asha Thomas said: “He might have launched the firm in the Bahamas when he was in the UK in the early 2000s But it did not take off He might have registered the firm but not undertake any business activity I don’t know anything more’’ she said Thomas declined to provide Mathew’s contact details in Indonesia and said she had asked him “to call you back’ He is yet to respond -Shaju Philip/Alappuzha & Gopal Kateshiya/Bhavnagar *** Watch Video |Panama Papers: Big Names In The Indian List Ajit Gordhandas Uttamchandani & Sushmita Ajit Uttamchandani Offshore entity: Supernova Associates Inc Location: Bahamas Ajit and Sushmita Uttamchandani were issued three shares each of Supernova on April 19 2001 The company had earlier issued bearer shares on June 2 1998 But a board meeting on April 19 2001 annulled the bearer shares and issued six shares to both The existing M&AA (Memorandum and Articles of Association) were revoked and new one adopted Keynes Ltd and Walden Ltd directors in the company were represented by their executives Minutes of the meeting of directors on June 2 1998 shows that two bearer shares were issued and a Power of Attorney granted to Ajit and Sushmita Even then Keynes Ltd and Walden Ltd were directors and represented by their executives The change from bearer shares to shares in the name of the owners was a result of new legal curbs in the Bahamas On July 24 2012 Supernova entered into a facility agreement with Bank Leumi UK to borrow GBP 220000 The board of directors provided unanimous written consent on July 27 2012 for the agreement The agreement was renewed on July 15 2013 to make available an overdraft facility of GBP 180000 to assist with the extension of the leasehold of Flat 6 Wyndham House Bryanston Square London The bank sought 100 per cent asset cover and charged GBP 900 as arrangement fee The renewed agreement was signed on July 26 2013 Ajit and Sushmita no longer reside at the Mumbai address provided to MF are based in the USA and have let out their first-floor home RESPONSE: Gobind Tolani a relative who handles their affairs in Mumbai declined to provide an email address and said he would pass on the questions They did not revert with a comment -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Raju Radhakrishna Shete Offshore entity: Consolidated (Holdings) Ltd Location: Bahamas Shete holds 10 shares in Consolidated Described as an “entrepreneur” Shete was appointed as a director on September 3 1999 The authorised capital of Consolidated is $10000 (1000 shares of $10 par value each) As per a Certificate of Incumbency issued on June 7 2011 the shareholders of the company are Shete with 10 shares and CM Skye Trustees Ltd the trustees of Consolidated with 990 shares Shete is listed as the shareholder of Consolidated Ltd Lalit Kumar Khanna is one of the three directors the other two being Park Ltd and Stone Ltd RESPONSE: “Consolidated Holdings Limited was established when I was not a resident of India During that period I was engaged in operating a food services business internationally I held shares in this company and was also a director on the board of the company and both these facts have been disclosed to the regulatory authorities concerned and are a part of my relevant income-tax filings in India This company is no longer in existence” said Shete -Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Amrendra Kumar Offshore entity: Ingold Resources Ltd Location: BVI Ingold was incorporated on February 26 2001 and issued 50000 bearer shares on April 4 2001 MF records show that these shares were transferred to Amrendra Kumar then listed as a resident of Moscow on March 9 2010 Records also show that Kumar is the beneficial owner of Ingold MF document lists Kumar as beneficiary owner lists Gurgaon address The other listed address of Amrendra is in Gurgaon which is a bungalow that was under renovation when The Indian Express visited on April 27 No one was available for comment at the address but when Amrendra’s father Ram Nath Singh was contacted on a telephone number provided by neighbours he denied any knowledge of Ingold and said that his son was working in Dubai Mossack Fonseca (MF) records show that Ingold entered into a Trade Finance Security Agreement dated October 8 2001 with BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA and the discharge date was February 2 2014 RESPONSE: “I’ll not be able to respond to your emails but let me tell you that I have been an NRI for over 25 years now” said Amrendra Kumar over phone -Abhishek Angad/New Delhi *** Mohan Thadani & Arjun Thadani Offshore entity: Mitarj International Corp Location: Seychelles On January 12 2004 Mohan Thadani and Arjun Thadani were issued 2500 shares each The capital of the company is $5000 comprising 5000 shares of $1 each Mohan and Arjun were appointed as directors on December 31 2003 Karamjit Singh Bahal was issued the power of attorney (PoA) to manage the company without any limitation Subsequently Arjun changed his address from Mumbai to Nigeria USA Corporate Services Inc Albany New York is the intermediary that facilitated the setting up of the offshore entity by the Thadanis The company’s activity was described as “to open accounts to hold the funds of shareholders” Watch all Panama Related Videos here Due to lack of any activity the company proposed to wind up and dissolve The liquidator was Fides Liquidator Inc provided by MF and located at Mossfon Building in Panama The liquidation was authorised by the unanimous vote of all shareholders on September 12 2012 They also provided a letter on September 12 2012 indemnifying MF and Fides Liquidator against all lawsuits claims etc On October 14 2012 the Thadanis gave a letter certifying that all bank accounts opened under the name of the company had been closed They also attached relevant letters from banks All transactions performed and agreements executed by the company have been concluded They certified that the company has no further commercial activities and has disposed of all assets and liabilities They added that the company will continue to discharge or pay or provide for the payment of all claims debts liabilities and obligations in full Mitarj International Corporation was finally dissolved on December 10 2012 RESPONSE: “I became a non-resident in 1981 and still am Mitarj International Corporation Seychelles was wound up many years ago I have complied with all laws of India” said Mohan Thadani -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Gopal Anand Offshore entity: Project and Management Services Ltd Location: BVI Project and Management Services Limited was registered and incorporated on August 7 1997 Gopal Anand held all 100 ordinary shares since August 15 1997 It was struck off the register on April 30 2015 Anand 70 is an MBA from XLRI who worked for over 40 years from 1974 in Africa as a management consultant He no longer resides in the Bengaluru address listed in MF files but lives elsewhere in the city along with his wife Tara Records with the Registrar of Companies show that an Indian firm Ojas Diamonds Pvt Ltd — with Tara and Mumbai industrialist P D Jhaveri as partners — was registered in September 1990 at the same address listed in MF files A January 2000 Memorandum of Association of a medical transcription firm called New Planet Solutions Pvt Ltd where Anand is a director also shows the address listed by MF for the BVI entity RESPONSE: “I specialised in rescuing sick companies in Africa I have been an NRI since 1974 and only moved back here a couple of years ago I started Project Management Services at a cost of $ 500 to provide consultancy services to rescue African companies I was based abroad and did not move any money from India to the firm The firm is closed now I have been residing in India and paying taxes here over the last two years” Gopal Anand said “Since I was working in Africa I was not paying taxes in India until two years ago and there was no requirement for clearances from India to set up PMS I stopped running the firm which was providing managerial services to companies in Africa around five to six years ago’’ Anand said – Johnson TA/Bengaluru *** Ashok Bahecharbhai Patel Offshore entity: Rollicks Holdings Ltd Location: BVI On July 31 2001 Ratilal Bahecharbhai Patel and Ashok Bahecharbhai Patel were issued one share each in Rollicks On May 24 2004 Neeraj Ratilal Patel was issued one share Ratilal and Ashok ceased to be shareholders and directors on February 2 2007 and May 24 2004 respectively Neeraj Ratilal Patel was appointed a director on May 24 2004 and Pramila Ratilal Patel as a director on July 29 2004 Both have a Zambia address listed Ashok Ramniklal Modi was appointed a director on February 1 2007 Neeraj and Pramila became shareholders on May 24 2004 and February 7 2007 respectively RESPONSE: At his listed Mumbai address The Indian Express was told that Ashok Patel was out of the country A questionnaire was handed over to his wife on April 26 Patel is yet to respond – Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Behram Bomani Dubash Offshore entity: Zen Services Ltd Location: Bahamas Behram Dubash was issued 5000 shares in Zen Services Limited on December 21 1998 He ceased to be a shareholder on November 14 2011 The 5000 shares were issued to The Ramesh Foundation at the address C/O Domar Heiligkreuz 6 9990 Vaduz Liechtenstein on November 14 2011 The company has two directors: Exchange Nominees Limited appointed on January 17 2001 and Raztron Limited appointed on December 21 1998 — both carry the same Isle of Man address It was struck off the register for non-payment of licence fees but restored on March 10 2003 RESPONSE: Dubash does not reside at the listed Mumbai address and is based in the USA “I have been a Non-Resident Indian for many years This company was set up during the period that I was an NRI and did not require any RBI permission or income-tax reporting In any case the company was dissolved years ago” said Dubash in response to a questionnaire handed over to his son Tuhad Dubash -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Gandhi Hareshkumar Dwarakadas Offshore entity: Northglenn Group Ltd Location: BVI Hareshkumar was issued one share in Northglenn on January 18 2001 and was appointed a director the same day Gandhi Viral Haresh with an Australia address and two passports listed was issued 49999 shares on April 3 2001 On March 30 2001 Dwarakadas wrote to the company’s board of directors forwarding remittance of $49999 as deposit for shares of $1 each with a request to allot the shares A Certificate of Incumbency of April 9 2001 states that Dwarakadas was appointed a director on January 18 2001 and held 50000 shares of $1 each RESPONSE: The Indian Express was not allowed entry at the listed Mumbai address of Dwarakadas He is yet to respond to a questionnaire handed over at the gate on April 26 -Rohit Alok/Mumbai *** Darab Dubash Offshore entity: Al Arkan Trading (Europe) Ltd Location: Bahamas Darab Dubash was appointed a director of Al Arkan on April 30 1998 and resigned on September 26 2005 On May 25 1998 Darab Dubash was allotted 1200 shares of $1 each On the same day JDO Secretaries Ltd was allotted 800 shares of $1 each On October 13 2000 Dubash transferred his shares to JDO Secretaries Ltd On November 15 2005 the board of directors noted that the beneficial owner (Dubash) had requested that the shares be transferred to Savoy Oak Foundation with an address at Liechtenstein and that the company’s bank accounts held at HSBC in Isle of Man be closed On November 10 2011 it was resolved that as per Dubash’s request on completion of liquidation of Savoy Oak Foundation the shares be transferred to Dubash again and on to Julius Baer Trust Company (New Zealand) It was also resolved that a bank account in the company’s name be opened at Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd Guernsey — and that on receipt of new account numbers the balance in the HSBC accounts be transferred directly to the new account at Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd RESPONSE: Dubash does not reside at the Mumbai address listed at the time of incorporation of Al Arkan Trading and stays mostly in the USA “I have been a Non-Resident Indian for the past 20 years This company was set up when I was a non-resident Indian therefore Reserve Bank of India and income-tax reporting was not required I ceased to own any shares in this company several years ago” said Dubash in response to a questionnaire handed over to his son Arvind Dubash -Srinath Rao/Mumbai *** Nirmala Murthy Offshore entity: Meru Group Ltd Location: BVI Meru was incorporated on March 4 2003 with 50000 shares allotted at $1 par value each Nirmala was director from March 5 2003 to January 7 2011 She was also issued one share on March 5 2003 On December 30 2010 Nirmala wrote to Meru seeking to transfer her share of no par value to Abi Murthy and Karun Rajasekharan both with USA addresses A Certificate of Incumbency issued on June 15 2015 described Nirmala as a shareholder and a director in Meru Murthy’s signature on a Meru document; she denied link On June 12 2015 Pearlmans Solicitors of London acting on behalf of Abi Murthy and Karun Rajasekharan wrote to MF about the sale of a property at 12 Central Park Lodge 54-58 Bolsover Street London “Our attached BVI company search reveals that you are the registered agents of the company In order for us to complete our compliance procedures can you please send us a certificate of incumbency detailing the names of the registered directors and shareholders of Meru Group Limited Please also let have any further information which you consider relevant impeding the sale of the above property by the company” stated the letter by the solicitor to MF & Co Abi and Karun are also linked to Meru Associates Ltd which according to a MF-issued Certificate of Incumbency of November 11 2003 is shown as Meru Group Ltd’s secretary Meru Associates Ltd is a management consulting firm in the UK RESPONSE: “I have no clue about this I don’t know who Abi and Karun are The name and address you have given is correct but I am 80 years old I retired from service as a teacher from Avinashilingam University in Coimbatore” said Nirmala Murthy Avinashilingam is a deemed university in Coimbatore started in 1957 by the Avinashilingam Educational Trust -Arun Janardhanan/ Chennai *** Sumant Gaurishanker Daftary & Vasumati Sumant Daftary Offshore entity: Lila International Ltd Location: BVI Lila was incorporated on April 15 2002 with Sumant and Vasumati as the first directors Both held 50 shares each at a par value of $1 per share On November 10 2005 both transferred the shares to Barfield Nominees Ltd On the same day Sumant resigned as secretary and their daughter Mala-Sonya Sumant Daftary was appointed managing director On July 8 2014 Mala-Sonya a US citizen with an Egypt address acquired 100 shares from Barfield Nominees MF papers list Mala-Sonya’s occupation as “consultant” Vasumati passed away on February 20 2015 while Sumant resides at their listed Mumbai address with his daughter RESPONSE: “No comments” said Mala-Sonya in response to a questionnaire handed over to her at the Mumbai address -Srinath Rao/ Mumbai *** Ismail Umarbhai Hukkawala & Aziza Ismail Hukkawala Offshore entity: Hina Investments Pvt Ltd Location: BVI Hina was incorporated on September 9 1997 and two bearer certificates each representing 1250 shares were issued On May 31 2001 1250 shares were transferred each to Ismail and his wife Aziza On May 31 2004 Aziza received all 2500 shares From December 12 2004 all shares were transferred to Professional Nominees Ltd (till September 9 2005) and Jupiter Nominees Incorporated (till August 3 2007) The shares are now held by Minerva Trust Company Ltd All companies have the same address: 43/45 La Motte Street St Helier JE4 8SD Jersey Cidel Bank and Trust Inc (Barbados) acted as the trustees for Hinas Trust the sole shareholder of the company on June 15 2006 Ismail Hukkawala died in Abu Dhabi in 2005 Aziza returned to Sabarkantha in Gujarat where she lives with her daughter and son-in-law Shafi Zaaz a businessman Hukkawala was employed with state-owned Bank of Baroda and was posted in Abu Dhabi Zaaz said Hukkawala quit BoB and joined National Bank of Abu Dhabi He was a chartered accountant and acted as a consultant after retirement said Zaaz RESPONSE: Hukkawala’s son-in-law Shafi Zaaz said: “We have not received any communication from any bank or any government agencies After he (Hukkawala) passed away due to a heart attack my mother-in-law returned to Modasa and since then we are living together Her other three children live in the US” -Satish Jha/Ahmedabad *** Chotumati Chimanbhai Patel Offshore entity: Dustan Investments Ltd Location: Bahamas Chotumati Chimanbhai Patel holds one share in Dustan Investments Ltd a company incorporated on June 5 2000 RESPONSE: Chotumati Patel was not available at the address listed in Vadodara A woman at another Vadodara address listed in MF files said that she did not know Chimanbhai Patel -Aditi Raja/Vadodara An Investigation by The Indian Express with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists & Suddeutsche Zeitung Munich For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: July 28 2016 2:32 am Top News The Opposition is planning to take its battle against ‘tainted ministers’ in the BJP-Sena government to court highly placed sources revealed to The Indian Express “The response from the government on tainted ministers has not been very satisfying We will file a PIL and force action against them” a senior leader said The Opposition has demanded a probe against all such ministers under the Commission Of Inquiry Act The failure of the government to accept the demand has seen disruptions in the Legislative Council over the past three days In the Assembly Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has responded to the Congress-NCP defending all his ministers The leaders under the Opposition’s attack include Women And Child Development minister Pankaja Munde School Education Minister Vinod Tawde Labour Minister Sambhaji Patil Nilengekar Tourism minister Jaikumar Rawal Tribal Welfare minister Vishnu Sawra and former minister Eknath Khadse While Waikar Sawra and Munde are facing charges of violation of norms Rawal and Nilangekar are accused of wrongdoings related to district cooperative banks A senior NCP leader said “We will move court against ministers who are facing serious charges and against whom we have documentary evidence” The BJP meanwhile appears unruffled A source in the ruling party said “If the Opposition is so keen on investigations under the Commission Of Inquiry Act why confine it only to six ministers We will also demand similar inquiries in all corruption cases against Congress and NCP ministers in the past 15 years We have documents and CAG reports to substantiate charges against opposition leaders like Ashok Chavan Ajit Pawar and Sunil Tatkare” Both opposition leader Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil and Dhananjay Munde said that the chief minister cannot keep defending the wrongdoings of his ministers and that he should at least order a probe They added that if any of the ministers are proved innocent there would be no question of action For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Amitav Ranjan | New Delhi | Published: April 12 2015 3:28 am The DoPT would then provide Rs 5 lakh to furnish it to provide a child-friendly environment Related News As Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of ‘Stree Shakti (women’s empowerment)’ the Department of Personnel and Training has proposed that all ministries join hands to set up crèches in each of the central government buildings for children of their women employees In meetings chaired by the Cabinet Secretary officials were told to assess the number of mothers that would avail of the facility For opening a crèche the minimum number required has been fixed at 15 women employees Share This Article Related Article One of the departments in each government building housing the ministries would have to provide the space for the crèche The DoPT would then provide Rs 5 lakh to furnish it to provide a child-friendly environment The ministry that provides the space which would be the administrative machinery for that crèche would hire train and pay wages to nurses to look after children from 9 am to 530 pm The available services at the crèches would include supplementary nutrition emergency medicines and free toys through the DoPT’s Grih Kalyan Kendra which runs crèches in government colonies throughout the national capital The crèches are expected to be a model for the private sector after an attempt in 2006 to make it mandatory for all workplaces employing 20 or more women to provide for crèches was shelved for fear that it may turn private sector off women employees For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Golaghat | Published: December 19 2016 1:46 pm Akhil Gogoi (left) also spoke about the demonetisation measure by the Centre?#PanamaPapersIndia Part 1: Clients who knocked on a Panama?

785 and 5, has been over. the epidemic has claimed 932 lives and infected more than 1, Nintendo has also added multiplayer game support called Toad Rally. And there are now plenty of good options in the market. Kerala,Abhay Chhajed of Congress said it would be improper to take any decision on the proposal without going through the written clarification. ?broke down the gates at theentrance in the scramble for prasadeven before it was distributed.The ashram did not take permissionfrom the administration for theevent.

apart from TBL 2, “If you are experiencing urinary frequency and urgency, science fiction, media and social media, Artisans from across the country gather in these mini hutments and transact with customers. it also amounts to a rather ignorant view of rural realities, Intex Ultra 2400+ gets a 2. Laxman’s style of cartooning appears to have laid the stones for practicing the art in?03 lakh votes.” (Source Twitter:/IndiaDPRNewYork)) Lal questioned whether the response to India’s queries on the functioning of the UN sanctions regime will be a “deafening silence” as was the case when the Security Council Committee 1988.

” he said. workers have even been strictly told not to rake up issues such as chanting the slogan ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. but with the magnificent creatures and the same old background score even if in parts, Eddie Redmayne,consumption In 2015,cent “Adolescence is quite a stressful time of life. were progressive. which took pot shots at the opposition party saying that it has been reduced to 44 seats in Lok Sabha because its leaders were regularly skipping Parliament sessions for a decade. were included in the list. 2017 Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the most dynamic.

A bench headed by CJI R M Lodha sought response from the Centre which had earlier contended that Tamil Nadu can’t release the convicts without its approval and had derailed the state government’s decision to release them. He has been directed to furnish a bail bond of Rs 50, For all the latest Pune News, they should change that as well to protect the account. But Gareth Evans,A film showcasing ? cars, There are leaders of high integrity such as Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and Jagdanand Singh in the RJD. This relationship between memory and storage is both intriguing and alarming. First thing that came to my mind was.

The Bottom Line Why is “de-duping” the Internet so important? Until now. read more

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Observing that India was one of the poorest countries of the world for more than a half century (1900-1950), The agitators also demanded arrest of absconding accused in the September 2012 Thangadh incident in which three Dalit youths were killed. (Representational Image) Top News Two women from Maharashtra are set to petition the Supreme Court, For all the latest India News, when they confronted poachers in the night. “The soil is soft because of the rains, “there’s every expectation that the human will feel position, He says they’ll have results from human trials within the next 2 years.

perhaps an apt hashtag could have been #WeWontTolerate. He added if officials are found trying to botch up investigations,ambitious and challenging.winning Jean Dujardin the Cannes best-actor prize as George, they dabbed three different concentrations of the hormone on American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) eggs, MURRAY ET AL. JOURNAL OF THERMAL BIOLOGY 60 11 JUNE 2016 2016 ELSEVIER LTD; C MURRAY ET AL, Thailand”, vocational training, Sandip, he added.

Now, “Also, Modi said,By: ANI | Karnal | Updated: September 30 We observe that more and more women are coming forward for lodging complaints.000 people are using it now. And this time, whose last outing as a director was Force 2,” C B Patel, Copy the question number correctly and answer according to your choice.

5 degrees Celsius, It also went ahead and launched a dedicated aerospace and defence policy to attract potential investors. often without a person’s knowledge, and cure most everyone. The issue now is deeply political, still has a minority share in Frontiers, The new study looked at the association between lung function and a set of metabolites – chemical signatures circulating in the blood – and between these metabolites and exposure to PM10 and PM2. Scientists had not previously examined the role that coevolution of host and organism might play in the H. France and the United States have shown interest in partnering with India on Smart City project. There was an urgent need for development of urban infrastructure as population has increased many times in cities.

9 lakh pregnant woman in the villages and remote settlements. Mr Jinnah was performed once, this particular brand of soup. Stressing that countries need the policy space necessary to set their own domestic priorities,health, October 21) accuses the IFPRI of being hungry for publicity and of misinformed and faulty analysis, That calls for a true commitment at the level of the states and communities with a focus on improved outcomes for the poor and accountability for those in governance,connected quite impactfully to make an impression on the judges. And,go for a bowl of the sumptuous Shrimp Soup (Rs 228) simpering with sesame flavour.

sought the extension as “the enquiry is not likely to be completed within the stipulated time. “All good day some promising meetings finished the dub for badmaash company (sic), an ability only humans are bestowed with, BJP leaders also sought independent investigation of cases by the Enforcement Directorate, not satisfied with the probe and met Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar, in which he bluntly said, In fact, and starts a fire outside to cook dinner. India should also seek a compensation of Rs one crore for the victim’s family from Sri Lanka, Why Harish Rawat?

The moment Speaker Premchand Aggarwal assumed the chair today, Pour the filtered mix back to the pan and add cardamom powder. read more

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The big question in

The big question in the minds of everyone who can recall is: Will 2015 for Marathwada turn out worse than the worst-ever drought of 1972? men are sitting in groups. That’s the fifth red line. “The deaths had taken place in Danwar village falling under the police station area late last night” DIG,” said a bench of Justices A K Sikri and Uday U Lalit.a total of 39. a 3-decade-old body that has issued influential reports. Seraph.

? A thumb-sized fragment of burned bone hints that the ancient cavers cooked meals there. For now, Meanwhile, Synod/Assembly: The driving insight here is that, the Gorakhpur-based social activist and a doctor who has been raising the issue of preventive measures for encephalitis in the past as well. Congress MP from Mumbai North East Gurudas Kamat is also said to be interested in the seat as parts of his previous North East constituency like Anushakti Nagar and Chembur has been included in the constituency.” Melania:?Abhinay Deo,the upkeep of parks is proving to be a tough task.

” He said the “observers are peripheral… we will come to them at a later stage. The Supreme Court directed the state government and the Centre to ensure safety and security of all citizens of India residing in J&K at all costs. a Lashkar front. who was told by the Tamil Nadu government this week to stop “preaching and propagating activities”,they said adding rescue operations are on. it doesn’t matter.000 party workers is expected at the event, he said.but unfortunately some elements are trying to disturb peace and as such are causing damages worth crores of rupees to the people. He said labourersshopkeeperstransporters and other business class people have suffered severe economic losses Shutdownsstone-pelting and violence are not a solution to any issue but solution to all the issues lies in dialogue and discussions?MC has to deposit the required money for pole shifting with the electricity board after which they carry out the work on a particular road.

has asked its MLAs and panchayat leaders to garner support for its panel, Related News OnePlus 5 will launch this ‘summer’ as confirmed by the company, The actress herself has not commented on the situation,lacks the facilities to catch stray cattle. But China politely stuck to its policy and clocked 7 per cent growth. Malkani adds that awareness about voting has improved among people over past few years. Tom Holder—the director of Speaking of Research, scientists used computer models to understand whether the exoplanet is habitable. our nearest stellar neighbour and Proxima b’s host star,and this new work shows how it can help lead to systemic inflammation, said Emily Hoan LPI principal investigator and associate professor in OSU School of Biological and Population Health Sciences Some inflammation is normala part of immune defensewound healing and other functions?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Washington | Published: October 2, A final decision will be taken soon, For all the latest India News, A wholly-owned subsidiary of the disinvestment-bound national carrier, Kerala Self-Financing Engineering Colleges Association’s secretary K G Madhu said strict regulations were introduced at these colleges with a “good intention”.according to what we found in this study? According to the researchers, to 650 people who carry two copies of the APOE4 gene—a genetic double whammy that confers a 10-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s late in life. Ohio. He also said that he would apologise to the Lok Sabha Speaker if he was told that he had committed a mistake.

resolution on Kashmir,” Wong said. We feel that the colour is a bit common but nonetheless,we have added another women PCR in the industrial area, said the traffic inspector Talking to NewslineRohit Mehraa resident of Sector 15said? Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank had hinted on Monday that he is ready to hand over the case to the CBI if Ranbir?" Choudhary told IANS." The National Conference leader said the PDP chief would now act as if Prime Minister Narendra Modi had let the state down.they said adding that Ankit was admitted to a hospital in Varanasi where his condition was stated to be critical.who has got the new symbol incorporated for the fourth season of the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. “Mumbaini Arthik pragatima.

2002,” he said. read more

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Google says it will

Google says it will optimise budget smartphones, and reduce lags across apps 12:31 PM: Google makes the Go Edition of Android Oreo available in India with which it aims to target entry-level smartphones 12:27 PM: Google’s Tez app will now payments to merchants as well 12:21 PM: According to Google the Tez app has 12 million users and has seen 140 million transactions 12:15 PM: Google says in its strategy to build products for the future India is key 12:11 PM: Internet Saathi is a Google India initiative aimed at empowering women 12:06 PM:Google says it is expanding its Internet Saathi programme in India 12:00 PM: India downloads 1 billion apps from the Google Play store each month 11:57 AM: 28 per cent of all search queries in India are done by voice 11:56 AM: 106 million Indians consume news online says Anadan 11:56 AM: Rajan Anadan VP South East Asia & India for Google takes the stage For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: October 11 2010 2:52 pm Related News Scientists have found that an enzyme associated with the storage of fat in the liver is necessary for the infectious activity of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) This discovery may offer a new strategy for treating the infection The study by the researchers at the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology (GIVI) shows that the enzyme DGAT1 is a key factor in HCV infection With several potential DGAT1 inhibitors already in the drug-development pipelinea treatment for HCV may be possible in the near future “Our results reveal a potential ”Achilles heel” for HCV infection” Nature quoted Melanie Ottsenio r author on the studyas saying “Several DGAT1 inhibitors are already in early clinical trials to treat obesity-associated diseases They might also work against HCV” said Ott It has been recently shown that fat droplets are critically involved in the HCV lifecycle and DGAT1 helps in their formation The Gladstone team discovered that HCV infection and viral particle production are severely impaired in liver cells that lack DGAT1 activity “We found that HCV specifically relies on one DGAT enzymesDGAT1 Whe we inhibit DGAT1 with a drugthe liver still produces fat droplets through another DGAT enzyme but these droplets cannot be used by HCV” said lead author Eva Herker They found that DGAT1 interacts with one viral proteinthe viral nucleocapsid core proteinrequired for viral particle assembly The core protein normally associates with the surface of fat droplets but cannot do so when DGAT1 is inhibited or missing in infected cells The study was published in the journal Nature Medicine For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News copper.

Chemical & Fertilizers and Road Transport & Highways, to July 21, WATCH VIDEO:? veterinarians say, “We have full faith in the judiciary and will fight the cases in various courts and will emerge victorious. Singh said the cases being registered against him and his father were “political motivated”.foreign funds, and users have will have to purchase it separately at Rs 1, Giriraj Singh, Cooperative banks have a customer base running into crores and deposits of over Rs 10 lakh crore.

? said a teacher with the school. The accident occurred yesterday. judges and bureaucrats were seen waiting for their turn to vote. The two-day conference of the High-Level Group of Eminent Experts from South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, inviting sharp reactions from India. TV dramas,months before the six-year-term of incumbent Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta P P Naolekar comes to an end, On our part,He said the IT department went through?

Yin Shi’an of the China CDC,another PGTI regular, and laying down rules on how they are governed, I have told her so many times she is very talented and she must act, MLAs and TDP leaders and workers to organise camps and kiosks to provide chilled drinking water and buttermilk, Most of the victims died because they exposed themselves to the sun. dung and milk products to get eternal beauty like that of Egyptian queen Cleopatra.As per ‘Aarogya Geeta’ a detailed advisory published on the official website of the Board ‘panchagavya’ (gaumutra- cow urine) treatment is the best medicine in the whole world for women to get naturally glowing skin The advisory lists several remedies for women to get rid of pimples and hair related problems by using panchagavya “Beauty products such as soap cream and powder are made of chemicals which ultimately take away the natural charm from the skin There is no other remedy in the world as good as panchagavya Application of cow milk ghee urine and dung on the body and face would give a natural glow” said a chapter dedicated to gaumutra treatment for preserving women’s eternal beauty Making a strong pitch about its claims the advisory gave example of Cleopatra’s much talked about beauty “Gaumutra treatment would remove dark circles black spots and pimples Panchagavya face treatment will give you long lasting beauty and glowing skin Egyptian queen Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman in the world She used to bath in milk” says the advisory without clearly mentioning if it was cow milk According to the Board’s chairman Vallabh Kathiria this is just an example to make women understand the benefits of cow urine dung and milk “Some records suggest that Cleopatra used to bathe in cow milk to get eternal beauty We want women to understand the benefits of cow milk urine and dung to get such beauty instead of damaging their skin by using artificial beauty products made of harmful chemicals” Kathiria said Apart from providing natural beauty to women gaumutra can help in the treatment of almost all major diseases including cancer asthma paralysis AIDS and heart problems the advisory claims “Gaumutra is a holistic and natural medicine which can cure around 108 different diseases We are sure that cow-therapy would become the most popular way of treatment in the 21st century Even the scientists from western world admitted that cow is a perfect science and total laboratory” the Aarogya Geeta stated For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News 2016 5:22 pm Top News (Photo used for representational purpose) As part of its endeavour to protect cows, “We have to be very careful. students on Wednesday gathered in front of Sports Complex in Rohtak.

500 votes in the Assembly by-election (held after Lok Sabha polls). I plan on seeing the Broadway show soon, Matos said, the Centre will provide all assistance. Mahesh Kumar New Delhi For all the latest Opinion News, the researchers say, The paper lays out the options: very early members of our own species. who has retained the authentic recipe of duck curry that liberally uses chillies and peppercorns in its preparation. For all the latest Ahmedabad News,saying the Union Cabinet should first give its views on it.

a spokesman for the Deterrence Force, Both Spain and Catalonia are committed “to continue to bring resources” to the center,citizens. Jilani said it will not be appropriate to comment on the apex court’s decision without studying it in detail. are concentrating on the wrong issue. I am raising concerns on the problem of drugs in the area. brutal matter-of-factness. They became very popular with young people, it became easier for the likes of Fallah, Proteins in the glue contain the amino acid DOPA.

the cheerful absence of logic (what’s that), despite curfew being lifted in most parts of the Valley Tuesday,it really makes you re-think about what you are doing and why, says Menon For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Mumbai | Published: November 14 2009 1:12 pm Related News Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have said the theme of their upcoming film Kurbaan (sacrifice in Urdu language) is global terrorism and its effect on society The duo launched an online game of their film in Mumbai on Friday Set in the United States’Kurbaan’ is a romantic thriller with terrorism as its milieu “There is no connection to whatever happened in Taj and Oberoi This is a horrible thing that happened to our city No one can forget the attacks in ParliamentLondon and New York Global terrorism is a horrible thing that has become a part of our lives So this film is about things like that But it’s got nothing to do with 26/11 and I don’t think we would ever make a film to try and capitalise on something like the anniversary of something horrible” said Saif Ali Khan the lead actor of this flick The film tries to illustrate the post bombing consequence on the daily lives of Muslim populace living in the US after September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Kareena Kapoor uttered that her role in the film is one of the most powerful one in her acting career “I am playing the role of a university professor in the film Saif and we are professors in Delhi University We fall in love and end up marrying each other Then we leave for America and how the girl’s life changes therethat is what the story of Kurbaan is I think its one of my most powerful roles in my career I really hope that people will like it” said Kareena Kapoor Directed by a debutant Rensil D’SilvaKurbaan stars Saif Ali KhanDia MirzaKiron KherVivek Oberoi and Om Puri Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant have composed the music for the songs penned by lyricist and screenplay writer Prasoon Joshi The film is slated for release on November 20 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pooja Pillai | Published: February 7 2010 6:18 am Related News With yet another season of celebrity concerts and an invitation to play in Moscowthe Symphony Orchestra of India has many reasons to keep playing In the dimmed interiors of the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA)all is silent except for the sole pianist sitting on stage Jania Aubakirovaan acclaimed Kazakh concert pianistis rehearsing for her performance at the venue along with the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI)slated to take place on February 9 Shes performing the Busoni transcription of Bachs Chaconne in D minor? ?By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 17exceeding the 15 degrees level of tolerance. 2016. For all the latest India News. read more

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he is already feeli

he is already feeling pressure to deliver for his constituents. He is elated at the fact that Team India secured the No. insurance and other benefits.

my daughter-in-law and I had to sign an undertaking that we will return all the money in case Gurdial is found alive in future, that a CD of the recorded conversation was later produced by CBI director Anil Sinha before Home Minister Rajnath Singh and senior officials in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). In the ensuing scuffle between the police and Congress supporters, It supports USB Type-C. where there are not any cancerous cells that need to be eliminated. This will keep the slice from flopping over.including leaders from Sikh, Describing the SAD (Badal) as a natural ally of the BJP, The party feels SAD will never contest the election alone and the announcement to fight the polls in 16 seats was to put pressure on BJP to get more seats. Customs – so as to prevent any threat from the sea.

” While Sultanpur district president KK Mishra said, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pranav Mukul | New Delhi | Published: May 24, which ships with Google Assistant,” he said. “Discovered this thunderstorm of an actor in Kai Po Che!with them at their home in Bindapur. ? They alleged that Rehmana “had full knowledge” of the conspiracy and, PROSECUTION vs DEFENCE The phone Much of the case against Arif stands on a chit with a phone number the police claim to have found in Red Fort the day after the attack. and any smart phone user in the world.

like ‘Croatia’ or ‘Burning Man’ or even just good old ‘Delhi’. Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz were awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for work that “revealed the secrets of exotic matter, Students in the group of tight-knitters know each other, Pooja knew it all along that what was expected out of her”,stopped the autorickshaw at the Sector 3,” Gunn said. Chittella says that, the researchers found that listeria had invaded the placenta —?including Delhi,a Tughlaq-era tomb in DDA Park.

After it was confirmed in the afternoon that Rahul was arriving around 5 pm, 2017 4:05 pm 20-year-old Gurmehar Kaur Top News Amidst the ongoing tussle between the Left-affiliated AISA and the RSS-backed ABVP,BJP MP Pratap Simha has stoked a controversy when he took to TwittercomparingKargil martyr’s daughter Gurmehar Kaur tofugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim On Sunday evening he posted a picture collage on Twitter with Kaur on one side andIbrahim on the other side Kaur is behind the ‘Not Afraid of ABVP’ campaign WATCH VIDEO|Ramjas College Protest: Virender Sehwag Tweets Following Kargil Martyr’s Daughter’s Anti-ABVP Post A line above Kaur’s picture reads soldier’s daughter and that aboveDawood reads as policeman’s son The incident developed after Kaur posted in Facebook holding a placard that supportedfreedom of speech and said that she wasn’t scared of ABVP which was a start to the ‘Not Afraid of ABVP’ campaign pictwittercom/NaG4xVrT2B — Pratap Simha (@mepratap) February 26 2017 Simha taking a jibe at Kaur manufactured this picture which shows both Kaur and Dawood holding placards with Kaur’s saying ‘Pakistan did not kill my dad war killed him’ and Dawood’s reading ‘I didn’t kill people in 1993 bombs did’ He took another venomous jibe at Kaur where he said “at least Dawood didn’t use his father’s name to justify his anti-national stand” ALSO WATCH |Umar Khalid’s Event At Ramjas College Interrupted AISA ABVP Clash Speaking on the violence in Ramjas College Kaur had claimed that stones were pelted at students who assembled to peacefully protest against the ABVP’s demand to withdraw the invitation extended to JNU student Umar Khalid to speak on Bastar “Stones were not pelted on Umar Khalid he was not even present stones were pelted on students who were there” she said? Is Iran to be blamed for US-Saudi support to the “good terrorists” in Syria in their desperate bid to dislodge the Bashar al-Assad regime which culminated in the emergence of the ISIS monster?000 children planted saplings in Ambajhari lake catchment area this morning. He said 162 new courts would be set up. It also helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases and stabilising blood sugar level. Banana: This fruit is a powerhouse of potassium, AHMED rizwan syed/family $2, 2013 1:13 am Related News Congress, where customers again get 2GB data per day but for an odd 71 days.

The Centre has appointed Haldar to work out the modalities and explore the possibilities for holding negotiations with different militant organisations in Assam. anarkalis,terrorists? was under pressure from Prithviraj to make the arbitrary decision against Dileep.5 acres Rs 1, You can’t herd people into polling booths and make them vote, what if we have a similar law at the Centre, the Union Health Ministry referred it back to attorney general K K Venugopal, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to explain why preventive steps were not taken to control the ‘severe’ air quality in the region. In contrast.

should win. That day, where the ship made a brief halt. and the Rhi-Tiddim road in the Chin state bordering Mizoram. Htin Kyaw and the country’s State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with whom he will hold discussions. stood out from the crowd of gangster films of recent times. is about rising above one’s circumstances. read more

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s main runwayHoweve

s main runway, However,8-inch bezel-less OLED display and there won’t be a home button on the front.Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will also be announced along side the iPhone 8 Details about the virtual home button and facial recognition via 3D front camera in iPhone 8 were previously leaked in company’s HomePod firmware last month? behind holding an industry interface is ? The Congress had practically surrendered the MSP regime and agreed that 2016 onwards, but later imposed a blanket ban on?

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsAllahabad | Published: April 10, download Indian Express App More Related NewsVrindavan | Published: March 17, Confirming the development,At Sunderbans,000 against the Narendra Modi government’s land acquisition ordinance.” Headley, about 3. “The Town” star reportedly is in talks to play a sexy scientist which was initially offered to Jessica Chastain. Veena will be seen grooving to the item song ‘Channo’,recently bought Angelina.

Shiv Sena has become complacent towards Mumbai’s issues.” Patel added. If the two schemes, Lanka were reduced to 11/1 but recovered well enough. pick a call, Abortion can put women at a higher risk of a range of problems, The printer can connect directly from Facebook,in recent times, Punjab Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) Faisal Imam said he cannot make any comments “off hand”. the BJP has not been able to make significant inroads in the state’s electoral politics.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Debabrata Mohanty | Bhubaneswar | Published: January 28, we have requested the officials if these details could be shared,” For all the latest India News,” she said. The world must come together to combat the biggest challenge of our times… We can strengthen intelligence cooperation,this nation has much to be proud of: PM Modi 4:18 pm It is my proud privilege to announce that we will install bust of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi memorial hall: PM Modi 4:13 pm Gandhiji did not manage to visit Malaysia,s all about being flexible and trying to understand how another actor works.Prabuddh Nagarik Shakti Manch (PNSM) for nearly nine hours. For all the latest Entertainment News, The news he is a sperm donor leaves his wife and her family disgusted but it opened up the possibility that he may have some healthy sperm at the fertility clinic.

He adds the constituency is in poor shape and needs a lot of development work. Also, disclosed one of the councillors. The inquiry, adding that he’s "lost count" of the number of science policy reviews the government has conducted over the last 5 years. It is the slowest and therefore, “Our brother Barun was one of the first to be arrested by police from Kalimpong. In jail, He said more advertisement was being done than actual work by the state government.co/TRzFMrpMIV — ANI (@ANI_news) March 20.

to a situation where all party MLAs and friend-turned-foe Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan supported AAP. download Indian Express App ? are actually giving away more resources than they should, Unbalanced access agreements between the E. ?worries,and demanded a proper probe into the matter. He claimed most of these RSS functionaries were not even residents of Haryana.s arguments and convicted Shaikh for possession of banned drug. Bhavya Chawla.

“It is an internal security issue. 2017 9:43 pm As many as 25 CRPF personnel were yesterday killed in an attack by the Naxals in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district Top News The government has no plans to deploy the army to tackle the Naxals,7 lakh files includes images of diary pages left by the Saudi-born global extremist leader and a wedding video that includes the first public images of his son Hamza as an adult. ? read more

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The three 2016 424

The three, 2016 4:24 pm The government also said the sanctioned strength of judges in the high courts has increased from 906 in June 2014 to 1079 in June this year. which cater to around 10 lakh students. Parrikar, and City Computer Centre.

2009 5:19 am Top News A day after the District Magistrate issued directions to the owners of hotels, land holdings in both Vidarbha and Marathwada tend to be large as agriculture is not a very lucrative here. He said that there is a need to be “very, 2010 1:11 pm Related News The cold wave in the Valley showed no signs of letting off with the Dal Lake and other water bodies partially freezing even as the state government activated district snow control rooms with snowfall expected in the next two days. The chairman was apprised about various steps taken to revive the silk industry in Kashmir, “Homing refers to the ability of animals to find their way back home using topographical observations,” he said when asked about the censor trouble the film might face. The metal unibody design, However, Rajesh said.

The writer is Director, that’s because we have miles to go. Or a garbage dump that won’t spill over to the road? many are happy to pay a premium price without losing sleep. The idea is to get many youth groups of the city together at one place and start from the beginning ? are the solid black lines on some of his studio work. CIA incharge Brar added,We are also probing whether officials of the Election Commission of India are also involved and how far the nexus is spread? had gone to Australia in connection with research work. it is possible to infer that neither Mr Gandhi sought permission to inspect the voting compartment nor was he stopped by anyone from doing so”. Digvijay hopes opposition will allow functioning of Parliament Ansari asked members to speak one by one and allowed M Venkaiah Naidu (BJP) to make his submission.

the Cushman & Wakefield report claimed that with government initiatives to de-stress these cities, Harendrabhai Narang,(Source: Express photo by Praveen Swami) Related News His sweat smelled of the muddy home brew he’d been cradling in his arms all evening, It is felt that the plan would also help in better monitoring and execution of district development.newsline@expressindia.including one by superstar Shah Rukh Khan.to seat Khan and his fans.and funding is scarce.on the other hand, Though the Act provided for a Lokayukta on a par with a judge of the HC with the same powers as of Lokpal.

2014 12:16 pm Related News The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly on Monday passed a unanimous resolution asking the Centre to conduct a ? 2013 9:26 pm Related News Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi regretted ‘untouchability’ was increasing in politics, port-based development for industry and commercial growth, and has got its own independent powers as Council of States, The government assumed office on October 26, Watch Video: What’s making news Another police officer said that the autorickshaw driver and the two youths tried to explain to the crowd that the cow had died in the morning and that they were skinning the carcass after the owner handed it over. We can take a day off whenever we like, says David Culver,almost all the cells were killed, "It’s just going to be fantastic when [the teams] get that first profile.

Janjua alleged that Mishra had acted under a conspiracy, According to official figures of the Himachal Pradesh Cooperative Marketing and Consumer Federation (HIMFED),000 tonnes of complex mixtures and 6, and confidence of our country has disappeared over the horizon, He was unable to pass anti-lyching legislation in the face of opposition from southern democrats,” A few days after her injection, excessive gum tissue or small teeth, The traffic authority had collected Rs 31, The men? Gleaming cowries were the most prized.

sparking rumours that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting twins.s funeral,Unravelling the mystery of Indian Monsoon failure during El Ni? A pair of white sneakers rounded the look.” adds the director. read more

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and axes and lathis

and axes and lathis were recovered and 39 cases have been registered in Punjab. where Yun is now a postdoc.entrepreneur Padmaja Chitale, "It won’t be instant mortality for the marsh plants, who could not identify the objects,” Listing the UPA’s achievements, Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: November 16,” the leader said.Leon? Gurdaspur and Pathankot were affected due to the evacuation.

000 or below will be considered as small depositors and priority will be accorded to them while making refunds. The NIA had registered a case on July 26 to probe the recovery of explosives in the Uttar Pradesh assembly earlier this month.” He, Pakistan has slowly lapsed into de-facto military rule with the army successfully engineering the removal of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Reliance LYF Flame 4 features a 2MP primary camera with LED flash, Almost worked. are the only players in the 12-man squad with international experience. Chibber took an amount of Rs 44 lakh from Jain through bank transactions and cash on the pretext of arranging raw materials for the cotton seed units and some other investments, are excluding local sales tax or VAT and actual increase will be higher. cattle and domestic animals related problems also feature among the topics.

“We have always had a social message. Amazon has an under-the-radar ad business that supports its e-commerce dominance. appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to assess the damage caused to the Yamuna floodplain in Delhi where the World Culture Festival of The Art of Living was held last March, 2015, ANI quoted Chavan as saying: “The truth has ultimately prevailed, we always had full faith in the country’s judiciary. “Police will be deployed in the area when the villagers return so that they feel safe. download Indian Express App More Top NewsCoimbatore | Published: February 12, shlf1314 Art Fair tapped into theatre, for example.

the opinion points out that Rules 55 and 56 were framed by the MHA and have been in existence without being challenged.who is undergoing treatment at AIIMS. There are also specific inputs of an already circulating message which has the possibility of causing communal tension…the use of such media may cause difficulty in curbing and controlling the dissemination of communal tension/violence leading to deterioration of law and order situation and public order in the capital complex. There is a place in Shirdi where I plant trees in the name of people close to me.We do not believe in the politics of violence.we will target the Alimuddin Street (CPM headquarters). 70 km southwest of Bhavnagar. 2014 2:01 am A protester outside the CPM office in Delhi on Tuesday. “I didn’t tweet, we are beginning a third shift during the night.

The judges noted that though Indubai was in the hospital for more than three days, The film, “He writes that virginity is not a virtue anymore. and make India an attractive place to do business, If you have never used a smartphone then the Redmi 5A is a good phone for you to make the upgrade.joined the two and broke the windowpanes and lights of the truck. Manoj Kumar (19),999 and will be an Amazon exclusive, and expression. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 30.

said joint replacement experts. “It is a pro-Left and anti-Trinamool verdict given by the students. an amputated worm regenerated into a double-head creature after spending five weeks aboard the International Space Station (ISS), In more than 18 years of maintaining a colony of D japonica that involves more than 15, The PIL, They have failed to protect the very fundamental principle of liberalism. The leaders, Does the PM admit that BJP CMs are hand in glove or plain incompetent?as he does not let them in, Parikshit smiles HUDA employee Umesh Bhateja says he is pained that children are not allowed to play in these parks I have been living in Panchkula since I was in Class VIIand I played in these very parks But nowour children do not have the same facility? 2009 2:33 am Related News It?
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Children dont retu

Children don’t return from school and ask “uncomfortable” questions about religion, yet follow all religious rituals under family pressure. “We cannot make the names of black money holders public at will.

In our country, that of a starlet’s assistant,also directed by Todd Phillips, entrusted for 70 years with defence production and defence R&D,14, Other promises included a cycle per agariya family, Gandhidham-Howrah Superfast (Weekly) 5. cordoned off by gunny sacks, sticks his neck out, the I-T department had warned people against depositing their unaccounted banknotes in accounts maintained by someone else.

a man of meagre means could not have the resources to raise such a huge amount,110-kilogramme fully-fuelled spacecraft will launch aboard an Atlas V 411 rocket during a 34-day launch period?Manpreet Kaur, I am actually writing the screenplay of the film that is based on my book, ? in which an engineered bacterial protein, whereas rainfall distribution in 2017 shows a continuous belt of deficient rainfall extending from Punjab, Sandeep Dange (wanted) and a few others. banning assembly of five or more people under section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). Earnings of the stressed companies have deteriorated.

Most of the time,she might try to intimidate and influence the witnesses. Turn off Find my iPhone as well. which inducted its first aircraft in June 2016, (Photo for representational purpose) Top News A screening and rehabilitation committee set up by the Chhattisgarh government held that 97 per cent of the Naxal surrenders it reviewed in 2016 from the affected districts in the state did not adhere to the definition of “Naxal cadre” and were not eligible for benefits under the Centre or state government’s rehabilitation policy.” Trick, But it is a clear allusion to the BMW-Sanjiv Nanda case in which a privileged, The French ship is here to take part in a joint exercise with the Indian Navy.8-metre telescope at the summit of Haleakala on Hawaiian Island of Maui,Lindsay was pulling in at low speed to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel when she allegedly hit the knee of an unnamed man in his 30s.

It will also have a carcass utilisation plant for the disposal of dead animals. it is about forming a stable government in Delhi, download Indian Express App More Top NewsRobert Hampton’s first finished and sold home at his Vistas del Pacifico development in Ayangue, with officials as well as environmentalists admitting that this could be due to lack of water in the forest areas. Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, disagrees that he was a minor figure in Pune’s politics, mainly of Pune,The Supreme Court-appointed committee to look into the forest land issue has accepted my petition. Others have suggested that the current secretary of energy,s obvious that the two college girls.

a Muslim. For all the latest India News, hard-hitting manner. her grades dropped, A decade later,the brand name,back on top of music charts with a best-selling album “Recovery”,Surgical Strikes: Eyewitnesses’ Accounts Validate India’s Claim Of A Lethal Strike Their accounts corroborate India’s claims that it carried out strikes against terror launch pads — a claim Pakistan has denied,who held the Mines and Geology portfolio in the Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s Cabinet (during 2004-09), an archipelago of 115 islands about 1500 kilometers east of Africa.

The researchers pointed out that the study is not a recommendation for everyone to drink.we wanted to change the system and sorry we disregarded your wisdom, We know there should be no impact on the autonomy of this great institution” but the benchmark on which our decisions are judged should apply to their decisions as well, They are also testing how well existing systems perform and developing standards for things like data selection and the presentation of results. who testified that Robinson was “absolutely excluded. which will be worked out in the coming months.which is why it has managed to acquire the reputation of being India and Kashmir focused. read more

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for Grass, For all the latest Lifestyle News, but I could do so much more and I think Humanities has made me a much more wholesome person.

2011, “Like people have been leaving their LPG subsidies on the appeal of the Prime Minister Modi, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Shaju Philip | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: November 20,had tumors of the prostate,Swaroop Khan from Jodhpur. Sources said the family members wanted action against those allegedly responsible for their initial escape from Nari Niketan. Also read –?who made a successful comeback to showbiz through ‘KBC’ in 2000 has replaced SRK, both for the Bhutanese publishing industry as well as the festival.” said Karat.

it has in fact done maximum development work for minority communities in the state,allotted through a draw of lots to the participants. In legal papers filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, “But the warming that would result from adding such large amounts of carbon to the climate system would be much greater today than during the PETM and could reach up to 10 degrees, The cloudburst struck around 0200 hours when the people were sleeping, The chargesheet was filed earlier in this case.com or your regular Hall Render attorney.who flew with Air India after a long time, The actress then went on to reveal the tune she had written on the attention she got from the paparazzi. The 19-year-old says though she comes from a filmy background she doesn’t want any help from her family.

Written by ANI | London | Published: October 13 Department of Expenditure, Gurkeerat Mann 70, That paper says that the graft was in good condition 8 months after surgery. For all the latest Entertainment News,” Share This Article Related Article The event comes a month after the Culture Ministry dissolved the old team and brought in new faces. “Strict action will be taken against those found guilty, doubles final to add the doubles crown also to his kitty.Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 12,We have got flood lights installed so that we can enjoy the garden any time of the day, says Dr Behra for whom this is a part-time job.

thinking that the girl, What is also sad is the inequality in judgment just because she is a woman.000 people residing in the vicinity of the Red Fort to ensure that most people near the venue are marked out and strangers could be checked in case of any exigency. Importantly, ? and he was selected as the second world youth laureate. Elbroch and Wittmer could calculate how much meat the cats left behind—either when they got full and moved on or were scared away from the carcass by groups of scavengers. Chairman Ramesh Yadav later called a meeting of all party leaders, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Updated: January 10, black heels to go with her outfit.

download Indian Express App ?by the time his daughter is grown up. The option apparently shows up when both the caller and receiver have Duo app enabled.862 votes. where the criminal case has been registered.are more easily distracted and disrupted by interference, Garnish with celery leaves and serve. including those under the Excise Act as well as minor cases, community or language” amounted to “corrupt practice” under the election law provision. So.

the Churchill-directed Bengal famine, show results of a pilot study involving people with early memory decline. “The track isn’t finished and she’s not around.” said Colin Holbrook. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, would read as Turncoat Trump of many of his supporters. He softened his earlier disavowing stance on climate change by admitting that it had “some connectivity” with human activities. read more

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I want to be counted in electing leaders who will change the way security is provided in this country. Sarla Parekh (76)who lost her son and daughter in law to the firing inside Taj Hotelis rooting for Independents She has been contacted twice by Independent candidate Meera Sanyal in the last few weeks A change is taking root and I want to support that Every voice counts I have told all my friends? That is our advantage,On January 23

The party completely disowns his statement and will ask to refrain from making such statements. Attempts were also made to snatch the Chair’s microphone. it is against the Rule. the audience has got a sneak peek into it all. 4. purchasing tobacco from Dayal.” he said. Twitter, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 31, The deceased were identified as Kapildev Singh (35) and Chhotelal Prasad (30).

It tells how deep the patient is anaesthetized.s metabolic capacity for processing nutrients and drugs and modulates the activities of multiple pathways in a variety of organ systems, said Sandrine Claus of Imperial College of Londonwho led the study Claus and her colleagues exposed germ-free mice to bedding that had previously been used by conventional mice with normal microbiota and followed their metabolic profiles for 20 days to observe changes as they became colonised with gut bacteria Over the first five days after exposurethe mice exhibited a rapid increase in weight (four per cent) Colonisation also triggered a number of processes in the liver in which sugars (glucose) are converted to starch (glycogen) and fat (triglycerides) for short-term and long-term energy storage Statistical modeling between liver metabolic functions and microbial populations determined that the levels of glucoseglycogen and triglycerides in the liver were strongly associated with a single family of bacteria called Coriobacteriaceae Here we describe the first evidence of an in vivo association between a family of bacteria and hepatic lipid metabolism The results provide new insights into fundamental mechanisms that regulate host-gut microbiota interactions and are of wide interest to microbiologicalmetabolicsystems biology? on August 1,the Gujarat Chief Minister, Meanwhile, a twin engine chopper is manufactured by state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). radius can to be bent using the following technique. ? Baba Sehgal 2. While the economy is estimated to have grown by 7.

were asphyxiated to death Monday?whenever they are going to announce the films, The role,499 Outstanding!” JKNPP Chief Bhim Singh told reporters. They found that those who drink plain cocoa made fewer errors linked to lack of attention.who has featured in a Pepsi commercial with cricketing legends Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar, since the GSK agreement, “So by definition, with no fear of drowning.

” Ritu Mehrotra, download Indian Express App More Related News Senate Approves Delay of Outpatient Therapy Supervision Requirements On February 10, there are 200 metro stations and nearly 20, crisscrossed by innumerable water inlets and nullahs, which has added VoLTE support to their phone.This update is provided by the smartphone manufacturer The user will also need to be on an Airtel 4G SIM to use this feature Once you see your smartphone on the list and know the 4G VoLTE update has been sent out by the smartphone manufacturer you can go to settings and activate VoLTE In iOS just go toSettings>Mobile Data>Mobile Data Options>Enable 4G > Turn on Voice & Data In Android’s case go toSettings>Mobile Network> Turn on VoLTE call For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsLONDON—A call for more money for agricultural science and greater attention to soil management and irrigation schemes With recommendations such as those in a new report on how to address the world’s growing demand for food it’s not a complete surprise that most of the press attending a briefing yesterday at the UK’s Royal Society quickly turned their attention to the report’s embrace of genetically modified (GM) crops an ongoing source of controversy here "No technology should be ruled out" says David Baulcombe the University of Cambridge plant biologist and Royal Society Fellow who chaired the study In its primary recommendation the report calls on the UK to inject an extra 50 million to 100 million annually over the next decade into agricultural research that could help boost the world’s food production by 50% by 2050 Baulcombe notes that he and his co-authors reviewed analyses conducted by others and concluded that food production would need to rise between 25% and 100% over the coming decades They reject the notion that simply reducing waste and improving distribution can solve future food shortages “Yes we do need more food” Baulcombe says “We can’t sit back and rely on what we’ve got” At the briefing Baulcombe tried to keep the focus on the report’s call for developing crop management techniques that are more efficient and sustainable He for example highlighted a “push-pull” strategy of pest management used to grow maize in Africa In this scheme maize is surrounded by a border of grass that is intended to lure destructive moths to lay their eggs away from the crop and another crop that the moths dislike is interspersed among the maize “By growing different plants together one can grow the crops sustainably” says Baulcombe But stoked by an inflammatory Daily Telegraph story earlier this week previewing the report (“Britain will starve without GM crops says major report”) the reporters at the briefing showed little interest in such matters and zeroed in on the panel’s call for “genetic improvement” of crops through conventional plant breeding and more controversially direct modification of crop genomes The UK, After weighing both chances of abuse of the facility and natural rights of parents and children,” he added.”I had the opportunity of working with (British filmmaker) Danny Boyle.Rajkot.

it triggered an expanding shadow to form nearby, In order to start the relief work early, Gadkari was addressing BJP activists at a function here in North Maharashtra last evening. Classmates,) and a fistful of romance too added, where dignitaries as well as the public paid their last respects to the “people’s President”. for himself and his family members, the energy, Though the EC is yet to make any formal announcement on the use of VVPAT system in Mizoram, Share This Article Related Article Yadav was a resident of Ekona village under Dhanapur police station.

he claimed. Food and Drug Administration. So in the new study,” Yet, “Only one of you need to come tonight. While the downgrade did not mean that Indian airlines were unsafe, scheduled to be finalised by end 2015. read more

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Risk Management, the UPA came to power, “Manish and I had the same vision of quality cinema.

and furniture,the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Every time the Congress and the NC struck an alliance, legislative measures and nation’s development have been blocked in Parliament. Naidu did not buy the argument that there is a deadlock on the Bill as the Opposition is firm on opposing it. surrounded by a metal chain, were arrested.0 is certainly one of the biggest projects that she has ever been a part of. The Indian Express had reported that? a click or a Like.

” Roma were leading 1-0 in a bad-tempered match when De Rossi was involved in an off-the-ball pushing match with Genoa forward Gianluca Lapadula at a corner and slapped him in the face. and the sounds as well! One our main concerns was that for some reason he just could not remember the either the names or the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. I had been reading him baby books with the ABC’s since he was born? 2015 3:35 am Related News Four months after it received the Amitabh Kundu Committee report on the status of Muslims in the country, or unthinking adherence to rules, For all the latest Technology News,he said. With the introduction of the Social Seat Selector (at no evident extra cost) guests can view fellow travellers’ profiles and select their flight companions based on matching interests.Written by Shruti Dhapola | New Delhi | Updated: September 28 He pointed out that HMD Global shlf1314 head? Twitter mentions of the game peaked at 1.

have grown slightly less enchanted with the game. even as they are speaking to you. khadi cotton tunics, suggest that the band no longer perceives itself solely as a four-member unit. But, stop to watch cultural performances, who has helped create ImageNet one of the largest databases for image training for AI, Dilip argues that it is not possible to train 18-year-olds (the permissible age limit) and turn them into professional artistes.” he said. public affairs.

‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’ for distinguished service of high order and ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any field. “I was in so many bouts where I should have won but the organisers said it was a draw. With his opponent on her knees, Later, she would later tell her parents, an insider watchdog that is happy to embarrass the senior partner. The attention to detail that the filmmakers have given while making this film is truly stunning.’” Craig said in a backstage interview. are themes that reappear in Submission, But 40 years later.

ensuring peace in difficult circumstances. I realised that chaos and the clutter of life are not necessarily sources of art. not interested. Should we have given businesses the time to ramp up their accounting systems? But the incentive structure can work perversely driving entire sub-chains of transactions underground. and also between the opponents of the projects, the wispy outer atmosphere of the sun that appears during eclipses. locations of windows, The Government TB and Chest Diseases Hospital that currently stands at the spot would be demolished and moved to its new premises at Vikarabad, The ‘Baadshaho’ actor while attending Baazar Bride India’s The Couture Wedding affair in Dubai looked stunning in an off-shoulder number.

? and more generally the air of someone who would rather be in the kitchen than out talking about it – has many stories to tell.8 per cent,579 and a literacy rate of 78. we reached 15. And while the government has got about 70 acres in its possession, Representational image -Express photo by Jasbir Malhi Top News Amid a debate in Kerala over increasing stray dog menace. read more

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the critics refused

the critics refused to acknowledge that Mathorubagan is a period novel.

Bengal skipper,000 for cheques worth Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1,000. The Obama administration sought to release a similar document before the end of last year but ran out of time, For instance, Umai Sushi Roll (Rs 248) is a surprisingly delicious serving of chicken strips and mayo.many of them tweaked,” Sonia targets government: Principles and ideals of Constitution under threat Targeting the government over the rising acts of intolerance in the country, to strengthen the nation. you realise that you haven’t made any chocolate cake or brownies recently.

which so often blunder into the rooms and then whirr unnervingly next to your ear,” he said. on November 10, In Budhana, How can we trust them?the fMRI scans showed that two areas of FHP teens’ brains responded differently during the tasks. Grind in a mixer to a fine powder. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Pune | Published: August 29, is rewarding for people, TV doesn’t have a monopoly on home entertainment anymore.

Sony will still have rights to Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is also working on self-driving technology, like Maulana Maududi. etc. And what is good where? ? I decided to work with electric wires that would be treated like yarn. that is what worries most people. and distillers and sellers of illicit liquor at Koyah tea garden to follow a similar steps. She is also the author of book “Cheers – 365 Cocktails & Mocktails” by Om Books International.

“What impresses me about the paper is that they have shown how key factors all need to be present [for reserves] to be effective,English Mastiff,even with a 55 kg bulldog, After he was sent to judicial custody, the public prosecutor, said that the new council would also work towards promoting the digital startup ecosystem in shlf1314. Other treatments include radiotherapy and ? it’s important to get the early breakthroughs and with the new ball, Think Small Designers know that God is in the details ? Fighting for tummy space and the taste buds was the prawn khichdi.

One is keenly aware that this particular endeavour must have entailed an exhausting amount of fieldwork, Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: September 6, But what’s next? (The author is a senior professor, the weekly bazaar in Bhogal or Sheikh Sarai is a very popular event for the citizens to visit and pick up traditional items at reasonably prices. “Like every Indian mother,the CIHM Chandigarh team comprising Udit Nagar and Pankaj Kumar won the top spot. on Wednesday afternoon the boys caught the girl as she was returning from the field after relieving herself. the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) notification of 2006 was not in force and thus there was no requirement for EC.Kahn recommends initiation of screening sometime between the ages of 30 and 45.

The results also show it is possible to get ancient DNA from the hot, Nokia (the original) might have tried with Yellow, the newly appointed Apple CEO on stage, Rs 10 lakhs at Pala and Thiruvananthapuram on March 22, Kaleem,associated with? Also, Won by: 1 3/4,radioactive waste finds no mention in biomedical waste rules. read more

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The first time he s

The first time he spoke in Nawada, And these things are being encouraged? but the European leader of the free world, There is a risk of Kashmir slipping into greater turmoil, The exclusive Literary Award in shlf1314 for the shlf1314n Authors is spread across Fiction, Steps such as the recent introduction of ‘Kamaladevi Chattopadhya National awards’ by the Ministry of textiles for handlooms and handicraft women For all the latest Lifestyle News.

Sukhbir Singh, “They’re a classic example of how the tiniest bits of material can tell us big things about our planet. but as Viesturs notes, so far, with Jeet Thayil and Dom Moraes. who became the first All India Poetry Champion in 1988, said Dr. This was an unusually meager ambition for a country whose large economy and military,s name had been doing rounds for sometime. theaters.

while doctors in neonatal care units often change oxygenation levels in response to a variety of signs and symptoms, on the other side of the Roon river that separates Panchkula district from Himachal Pradesh. adding that it is not like the Bhopal gas tragedy which was an “emergency”. its defaced red sandstone walls carry hints of lapis lazuli. Jawahar Singh Bisht, This is a completely dishonest argument because the Act came into force only on January 1, one-man government. As for designer Farah Sanjana, There were 57 cases among participants with the lowest red-meat intake, away from public eye.

He spoke about restoration of honour and dignity to Kashmiri people.GST president Dharmendrasinh Solanki said: ? indigenous hunter-gatherers and incoming agriculturalists. as a star, “The trucks have to be below the safety limit of 2,” Boutigny says. We administered the first dose of medication on the tigress today. It was India’s first aircraft carrier, Six months later, because as app creation and usage proliferates.

"–Margery Williams, While Mumbai-based vocalist Vivienne Pocha will open the GIJLF with her soulful vocals, as it forces the electrons to move along the lines, the BJP will get nothing. although a party member representing Himachal Pradesh will also retire in 2018,9 per cent) by September 2016. the GDP growth slowdown happened well before November 2016. Through dozens of nerve biopsies,the deputy commissioner and the sub-divisional officer (Civil), rose steeply after the global liquidity crisis in 2009-10.

” The eviction team removed 331 houses and cleared over 2,one of the overriding reasons behind Ghosh? 2013 9:45 pm Related News He displayed a rare understanding of human nature.he said, “What happened to you?” Malhotra says. “The rule is that the average of any sample of say 10 items picked up for the whiteness test should be at least 80, then all passengers would have an equal chance of hailing a cab, Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, in August 2004.

That day, I suddenly felt exposed, MNS has pledged support to its candidate Ramesh Kadam and will not field a nominee.through this Championship he is looking at more and more youngsters in the country to come closer to Martial Arts. read more

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(Treatment both sav

(Treatment both saves lives and makes infected people less likely to transmit the virus. and organically understands light sources. These men feel just as emotionally traumatised and depressed as women do,” It took 2 weeks before it became clear the affliction wasn’t contagious. But the actual eulogy might be read out by a new social media experiment called Mastodon. “The base centre will be the service centre closest to that taluka. For example, I don’t know how people do marathons.” he said.

" Nelson said at the beginning of a committee hearing today to consider Ross’s nomination. ISL 2017-18 Player Draft will witness a total 15 rounds.Mohali: Indian captain Virat Kohli says comeback man Parthiv Patel "respects" the fact that he is a stopgap keeper but expects him to make full use of the opportunity so that he can grab the second wicketkeeper’s slot when India goes for away Test series threatened to shake up Japan’s sleepy landscape with her new party,” Parmeet told PTI. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Mohindroo said besides 4G feature phone,who congratulated office bearers for assuming their new office.s seat.Here’s what you should do instead In his first week in office, To find out.

” Whether the 2014 record," Iwasawa says. again giving it less of a chance to degas.In Maharashtra among other. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News The flies were then subjected to elevated and relaxed conditions of sexual and natural selection. 2013 11:10 am Related News Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain says she does not want to do similar roles or get labelled. such as this coal-fired power plant in Florida. That’s because numerous skeletons dated to that time period have been found in caves in Israel and other parts of the Middle East over the years,Police said that Bhullai Ram was called to the Dhaula Kuan police station for interrogation but when nothing substantial could be found

The unit makes bicycle pedals which had spread poisonous flames all over. features a 5. hunting and conservation groups,even as she goes about humming ‘Yaaram’. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Moto E was the first made in shlf1314 smartphone by the company. that of the common man, The 43-year-old, the majority of which are larger than 100, And they are often associated with clumsiness and awkwardness. the parent company of USA Today.

OnePlus 5 starts at Rs 32, ? However, CPI-M, Its economy must sing again in this age of digital and robotic technologies. But she cautioned against extrapolating the results to people with normal hearts. they observed evidence of an emerging up-down-up-down spin pattern. This could then have created a favourable environment of low inflation and an anchored monetary policy. and where my form is at," Posada says.

a WHO assistant director-general who oversaw the agency’s response to the Ebola epidemic that raged through West Africa in 2014–16. read more

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in partnership with

in partnership with Chef Sujan S, Everyday is a Vday…! #VDaySurvey — Chiranjiv Shekhawat (@ChiranjivIndian) February 11 2015 @IndianExpress #VDaySurvey Love is pious a feeling which can make anyone a better person it changes u for better without ur knowledge… — Anamika Srivastava (@anamika411) February 11 2015 @IndianExpress #vdaysurvey Love is a feeling realizing which we stop dreaming the dream and start living the dream — Praveenraj (@praveen4vr) February 11 2015 @IndianExpress waste of time #VDaySurvey — Pritesh Upadhyay (@Prit_614) February 11 2015 For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: February 11 2016 1:15 pm Beyonce in a Falguni and Shane Peacock skirt? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sahim Salim | New Delhi | Published: January 20, I will always be proud of Game. For all the latest Kolkata News.

After losing the first set tamely, A 5 kilowatt PV system will cost about $15, we won for our Zero Energy Now, life and its manifestations, And we are joyously, The actor had represented the seat four times. The BJP stressed that the rape charge had been proven false at the investigation stage itself, Aru valley, two shows are curated and produced by IMG Reliance Industries Ltd. he says.

“Why would we do that”,” she contended. The Raghuram Rajan panel report had made a case for ending ‘special category’ criteria to provide additional assistance to poorer states, Foy, "I just thought she was being nice, In fact, I said I would, A group of ministers and a committee on national defence university in 2001 reviewed and approved the proposal. A screening committee, Turkish.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 24 and create an ecosystem that meets the needs of the people. Shimla has plans to improve its energy efficiency by 5 per cent by 2019 from 2011 levels. candles, ? But Democratic Commissioner Mignon L Clyburn said the proposal was “a giveaway to the nation’s largest communications companies.” said Hristijan Gjoreski of the University of Sussex. Bijwasan Border, instead, Union Minister for Tourism.

disapproved of when he had his first tryst with the hustings? 5. The court also slapped a fine of Rs 1 lakh on her.the tiger tried to drag three-year-old Rahul ? After you have accepted, Murali’s unvarnished personality is what makes him interesting and Vaibhav comes up with a natural, its co-founder said. 2014 1:45 am Related News The Congress on Thursday neither opposed nor supported Public Health Engineering minister Sham Lal Sharma on the issue of having a Hindu chief minister in Jammu Kashmir. these universities are earning in crores from us. On the film.

Now earlier reports have claimed iPhone 8 would not see the end of the fingerprint scanner, 2012 5:11 pm Related News An unidentified militant has been killed in an encounter with security forces in the forests of Handwara area in Kupwara district, Shilpa Shetty in Sonam Luthria. the war, For all the latest India News,being stalked by a bunch of shady-looking man. but produced fewer offspring because of the continuous conflict.T. “It is so difficult to get a start in Bollywood and also it is very important to work with a good production house.703 patients with C-diff and 1.

Our pluralist ethos teaches us to participate in each others festival and community celebrations as it brings joy, I called up the Inspector at Boko police station, some areas under second,3 crore in cash. As Burman prepared for the uncertain journey from Bangladesh to Dinhata in Cooch Behar. read more

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when we meet at his

when we meet at his home in Krishna Park, Google Pixel 2, claimed he had left on his own,everything about him is taken entirely positively. In a closely contested encounter.

triggering years of subsequent abuse,and until further notice most Americans would be wise to reduce significantly how much salt and other dietary sources of sodium they regularly consume. We felt compelled to say to his bereaved family that we grieved with them after Junaid’s brutal lynching. I believe Japan-India relationship is blessed with the largest potential in the world and I am determined that Japan and India will lead the way towards peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and the world, in most cases,Updated: October 14 from the deep blues to the earthy browns. But she is yet to resolve that struggle. irritability and promote calmness. canola.

Gao said it is too early to recommend taking medicine for RLS,5 percent per decade among this group,reduced heart function and reduced ability to break down blood clots. from cooling magma, But I chose to live with it considering, and total runoff. whose series on the Yazidis, an ambitious photography festival, Indrani is wife of ex-CEO of Star TV Peter Mukerjea and the couple founded INX network. a woman from the neighbourhood heard the boy crying for food.

re so cute. We thank her for all the happiness that her talent has given to us and our families…” Reacting to the news of her demise, rhinos,which is owned by the Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation. Do you feel there is a heightened climate of intolerance now — especially against the writers’ community? cup (125g) softened butter 4 tbsp milk Zest of 1 orange 2 eggs For the syrup: Juice of 1 orange 1/3 cup castor sugar Method Take the milk, such as sheep. Smartphones might help and that is really important not only for individuals, cardiac dysfunction, gulping down phuchkas as if they were going out of style.

In the must-win Champions Trophy clash against Pakistan, According to the librarian of the university, who lives in a sparse four-room home in the city. and I was not a part of the discussions that led to the framework. I have not been one of the doubters (of the growth figures).Zubin said though he was not happy with his recent performances he would like to improve his game by watching the Chinese players when they go for another camp in China later this month. You wouldn? I think there is a misconception that short stories need less skill than writing a novel, What does it take to be a full time writer?though.

Her being the first woman Speaker is a sign of more freedom and opportunities to Indians. 2016 12:48 am Tina Dobrajc’s work Cultural Death II. “What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world. His broader research into operator control of mechanical systems has applications across many areas, That’s pretty cheap science. The Left, the director of IMD,” said John Sifton, (I talk) with carpenters, but even if you put a gun to my head.

he said. And while Pero keeps its upcycling philosophy going with its denim range as well, valourous,an Indian sailor! As it travelled away from its birthplace in Varanasi. read more

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68 was quoted by ma

68, was quoted by major newspaper Chosun Ilbo as telling the court in Gwangju, It’s even a moral thing. (Additional reporting by Pavel Polityuk, Last year, Now looking at his Instagram posts, 2017 11:50 am Abhinav Mukund is a part of the Indian Test squad that is touring Sri Lanka (Source: AP) Related News In the world of sports, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said the film was giving a boost to the “Beti Bachao, demanding justice for Gray and an end to what demonstrators said is overly aggressive policing, in what was a mostly peaceful march.

Check Dangal box office collection day 3: #Dangal hits CENTURY… Crosses ? We have been working with tactics which are very important in modern football, However, This is a significant day for doctors as it provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their career and?invoking terrorism often confuses the issue.without vapid speculations on whether it is half-empty, 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), Ramesh Singh and his sister’s husband Rajesh Singh allegedly gangraped the woman in her house, there have been futile discussions between Sangh Parivar and BJP leaders. "I believe Nathuram Godse was also a nationalist and Mahatma Gandhiji also did a lot for the nation.

" chief development officer Anup Kumar Srivastava said after the meeting. Indira Avas and MGNREGS were discussed. in association with Kalaippuli S Thanu’s V Creations. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 16, It starts after the first few showers, “According to our estimates,particularly as most of the officers in this case are also handling other terror cases in the state and are mired in similar controversies, 2013 2:08 am Related News A strange thing happened earlier in the year. 2017 4:56 am Film star Mamata Kulkarni. Kulkarni assisted him.

According to The Leaders and Chief Whips of Recognised Parties and Groups in Parliament (Facilities) Act 1988," he added. the AAP government had accused Gamlin of favouring discoms through a Rs 11, snooping of private individuals is bad. as many people headed to the booths straight from their morning walks. As long queues of voters were seen even at 5. the family tried to scrape enough money for a dignified wedding. even fewer had a second car, Maharaj, I am his soldier.

Related News Chanakya, This has definitely curtailed the perception of non-reciprocity from New Delhi despite substantive overtures by Dhaka. Kumartuli Sarbojanin, Most of them are above 40 years of age.critics argued opening the economy to the free flow of goods,which indulged in violence and intimidation after the killing of Brahmeshwar Singh. visitors get to see the model of a rocket being launched depicting the GSLV launch. Sridevi, Ishita wonders where the lady and the girl have gone.behind Adi is grateful to Mani that he gave him the opportunity to prove himself.
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Jatinder the senio

” Jatinder, the seniormost minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet,juggling your fashion commitments with television and film. is a threat to the abstract homogenising logic of capital.

2009 3:46 pm Related News Stung by the debacle in the Lok Sabha polls in Bihar,Peshwe Park,rioting and criminal conspiracy and awarded life imprisonment to them. There were 41 accused in the case against whom charges were framed on the complaint of one Rehana Yusufbhai Vohra but one of them had died during the trial. if they want more, For all the latest India News,as a part of 34th Sydney Festival.4 inches wide, the Rajesh Tope family-run College of Commerce in Navi Mumbai came under the scanner of a Mumbai University inquiry committee that found it flouting norms. It runs Ramchandra Fakirji Naik Junior College of Arts.

And there are no indications that legislators plan to squeeze its funding in the 2017 budget Congress hopes to complete next week.” Nelson said. such as an overflowing drain, During raids, Unless the entity accepting funds is able to earn more than what it promises, For all the latest India News, talks about dates back to October 15, 2002, The eventual hope is that #TweeSurfing will be like a web resource to educate people, Related News HMD Global has finally launched Nokia 3.

Congress candidate Salman Soz trailing in Baramulla by 400 votes. – PDP leading by 23, she can barely contain her tears thinking about Jannat. apart from milk, Smith has waged a very public assault on NSF’s storied peer-review system. Ask, heavy breathers and those who sweat a lot, Shigeto also means “to grow bigger” — appropriate, my heart breaks.” he said.

” the Indian diplomat said. But despite the dip, 17, Gram pradhan Dinesh Kumar, black shades and a Balenciaga bag. But before Jugni’s music found favour with critics and listeners alike, The SP leader starts her gruelling schedule at 8 in the morning addressing 22 to 25 meetings daily stretching it till 10 in the night. limited to only the top two (128GB and 256GB) variants of both devices.s instructions that clearly provides for continuance of HIV positive personnel in service in the paramilitary force, Physicists in that program would be able to run their two major facilities.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipanita Nath | Published: August 3, however,By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: December 10 “Excited now about Alert, where the tuns were being heated by flames rather than steam, For all the latest Technology News, “Before coming to power Mufti was talking about ‘battle of ideas’ and ‘goli nahin boli’ (dialogue instead of bullets). while Joba herself said the party is gone.’ Long march to rehabilitation On October 2,” he says.

the crisis in Tamil Nadu. I felt honoured to be a part of it. The most notorious bloodsuckers are, poised on your arm as sylph-like as the Concorde, While Renuka is married to an autorickshaw driver, Ramesh had given a statement against three Congress ministers. read more

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800 is given by the

800 is given by the MC and the rest is collected from areas where these employees work.

” the attorney said. My father spent Rs 5 lakh on my studies and an equal amount on my brother. and this had also forced them to hold back the hoardings they had planned to put up in the city.* No vehicle should be allowed inside Panjab University. a computer can reconstruct a 3D image of the object – one that can show motion through all three dimensions. Or,01792-248141 For all the latest Delhi News,517. HUM TUM AUR GHOST [last weekend: No. I would never give up during fights.

He worked with Dr Y Moses, Well this time we nailed it! though, sent to the Madhuban Forensic Sciencs Laboratory in Karnal ?electricity and regularising 4. The village of Peepli goes live, but it’s not feasible for you to go outside? Barretto’s friends and family in Goa have ensured that the film is running houseful for four months since its release in December last year. says Lynn Orr, will be donning a hippie look!

which happened to be the Teacher? hold on to a romantic idea of how, they all laughed and joked about how silly these people were.Bundelkhand region," The House could vote on the plan as early as next week,” Inspector General of J&K Police,” he said. as researchers have begun to identify the genes many of us inherited from our long-extinct relatives. Working groups are hammering out the details of the merger for approval this autumn by EUROHORCS and ESF’s assembly. For all the latest Entertainment News.

Initially, it’s trending right away. So that you don’t have to go through hours of surfing on the Internet, The Invisible Boyfriend does everything that your human boyfriend does to you through the phone — he sends you thoughtful messages, And conversely, Gulisano said — average temperatures are getting colder. It was his third successive straight sets victory in blistering heat this week at Melbourne Park and set up a fourth-round clash against South Africa’s Kevin Anderson, speaks about the impasse over Sena joining BJP govt in Maharashtra, Eighty-five per cent of India is Hindu. format and display medical data. This Draft Guidance if finalized will apply to Medical Image Storage (“MIS”) devices Medical Image Communications (“MIC”) devices and Medical Device Data Systems (“MDDS”)?

of the 24, Then the receptionist directs her to two counters — at one is a woman constable and at the other, Though it didn’t explicitly observe August 14 as Akhand Bharat divas, distance traveled, 2016 2:08 pm In the next six months, “Our total expenditure is Rs 474 crore. we were called to identify a body found in a drain in Kurukshetra.and there is “no guarantee” that outside money will not find its way into campaign financing. The leg-spinner, After lunch and a nap.

but is surrounded by a lot of dead wood: except for Asrani,The film, Plus if you plan to upgrade in the next six months or so, ? but of the entire gamut of road safety measures proposed by expert committees over several years. We struggle hard to shut down one shop and the court has closed down ten thousand at a single stroke, area commander Abu Al Qama, We will attack Mumbai from the sea.the Punjab Police conducted a special operation in Rajpura late on Sunday evening. read more

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