All that glitters is not gold

first_imgRecent financial news headlines have seen some concern with India’s gold imports and the fact that a significant component of domestic savings is “exported” abroad, which could probably be utilised to spur investments and growth in India. The idea of reducing gold imports is important, but suggestions ranging from raising import duties further to imposing bans need to be reassessed urgently. Regardless of the economic situation, utilising savings of the country for investments and thereby creating growth and jobs is a commendable and much-required objective. However, policies employed to do so must be ones that positively incentivise savers to park their savings in investment options linked to the capital markets rather than in gold. Also Read – A special kind of bondTo facilitate the growth of the financial sector, the financialisation of savings further, if done well, can help the situation in many ways. Besides channelling investments into businesses through the capital markets, the assets can yield much-needed social security through income-generating retirement funds as a generation of workers retires over the next few decades. But, to do so, one must look at structural factors that can induce savers to park their money in the capital markets over and above gold. Also Read – Insider threat managementOver the last several years, increased taxation through a steady rise in the dividend distribution tax, long-term capital gains tax, short-term capital gains tax and securities transaction tax has, to some extent, slowed down the long-term aim of capital markets being a point of interaction between the savings of investors and capital required by companies. It is essential that going forward, policymakers look to address these issues to ensure that markets can operate with as low friction as possible. The importance of a steady flow of savings into the capital markets is essential not just from an equity perspective, but more so from a debt perspective. The focus must be much beyond only the listed markets. Financial instruments traded in the private markets must be made attractive from a tax perspective to increase capital availability for Indian businesses. Essentially, the vital question that the capital market authorities must ask is are we making investing into companies through both debt and equity attractive enough for investors? Additionally, perceptions are critical to capital flow. Investment options will be viewed by market participants not just in terms of current regulations, but also in terms of the participants’ perception of future regulations. While incentives are the way forward, imposing controls on price and volumes will not lead to the desired outcome. Instead, with increased controls, a higher distortion in the market may be observed. While there have been calls from a few quarters for imposing controls of some type on the gold market, what is needed now is to frame policies that channel savings into domestic assets through incentives. It is also essential to be aware of global trends that affect commodity markets. In an age of unprecedented quantitative easing, robust demand for gold is to be expected. While predicting the future path of global interest rates is difficult, an appreciation of global trends and policies that cater to the same will be essential. The policy debate between utilising effective regulations versus controls to channel capital is one that has ramifications much beyond the discussion on gold. Given the need India has in terms of both domestic and foreign capital to finance new businesses, distressed assets, and the general credit markets, a reassessment of the incentive mechanism is essential now. Deregulation and stable policy on the supply side, especially taxation policy, are going to be the biggest drivers of both domestic and foreign capital into India. Capital availability for a country is incumbent upon the three main pillars: (i) of adequate financial instruments and vehicles that investors can utilise, (ii) taxation policies that determine returns from the aforesaid instruments and vehicles, and (iii) most importantly, a stable policy regime. The government and stakeholders must continually evaluate as to how to improve upon the three pillars of capital availability, mentioned above. As India looks to source capital, a relook at the policy frameworks is critical to incentivising savings into channels that can help create capital for investment and growth. The focus must be on incentivisation, as opposed to further controls that may distort the market. (The author heads Development Tracks, an infrastructure advisory firm. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

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Liberals set to unveil Indigenouslanguages law

first_imgOTTAWA — The Trudeau Liberals are poised to introduce a new law to protect and promote Indigenous languages.Just before the weekend, the government put the Commons on notice that it planned to introduce a new bill, titled “An Act respecting Indigenous languages,” for MPs to debate.On Friday, during a UN event kicking off the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde described a law that could create programs to inspire Indigenous people of all ages to speak their languages.First Nations helped develop the soon-to-be-introduced bill that will “help ensure our languages survive and thrive,” Bellegarde said.The most recent census figures from Statistics Canada showed that 263,840 people reported being able to speak an Indigenous language in 2016.The data also showed a two-decade decline in the percentage of Indigenous people able to speak an Indigenous language, going from 29 per cent in 1996 down to 16 per cent in 2016.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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UN to send aid to eastern Libya amid reports of hardship and

“Providing humanitarian assistance under current circumstances is very challenging,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Adrian Edwards told a news briefing in Geneva, announcing that the agency will send truckloads of aid tomorrow, including 5,000 blankets and 5,000 sleeping mats, to Benghazi, the eastern city that is the rebels’ main base, where people are camped out in schools, universities and with families.“There are reported shortages of medical supplies and basic commodities in the eastern part of the country, with prices having increased dramatically,” he said.The aid will go in on a convoy organized by the UN World Food Programme (WFP), which plans to move 19 tons of lentils and 11 tons of vegetable oil in the next two days from Egypt into eastern Libya.The agency, which has already moved more than 1,500 tons of food into eastern Libya and pre-positioned more than 6,000 tons more in emergency supplies, has airlifted to Egypt six prefabricated warehouses, six mobile offices and other supplies that will be pre-positioned on the Libyan border as part of contingency planning for establishing logistics hubs inside Libya.Yesterday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Envoy for Libya, Abdul Elah al-Khatib, held his first meeting with rebel leaders in the eastern city of Tobruk as part of a mission that took him to Tripoli for talks with Government officials last week. “They described the various aspects of the situation and pointed out sufferings and hardships endured by some Libyan cities and towns,” he said. “They reiterated their demand for lifting sieges imposed by Libyan Government forces on those cities and for a quick ceasefire there.” They wanted to see an end to the use of tanks and heavy weaponry and to the targeting of civilians by Government forces, he added.Mr. Khatib met with the chairman of the Libyan Transitional National Council Mustafa Abdel Jalil and other members, discussing with them last week’s Security Council resolution, which set up a no-fly zone over the North African country, authorized Member States to take “all necessary measures” for the protection for civilians, and called for an immediate ceasefire. He reiterated Mr. Ban’s and the Council’s call for a solution to the crisis that responds to the legitimate demands of the Libyan people. Mr. Ban has said Mr. Qadhafi lost his legitimacy when he declared war on his people.“The leader of a nation was deliberately and indiscriminately killing his own people,” Mr. Ban said today on a visit to Tunisia. “He was deploying his army against unarmed civilians.” The Council resolution “significantly advances an emerging humanitarian doctrine: the responsibility to protect,” he added.“This doctrine grew in turn out of the terrible massacres of the previous decade, in which the international community had been accused of doing nothing. Those massacres included the genocides in Srebrenica, Rwanda and even Cambodia. After those terrible incidents, the world said, ‘Never again’,” he stressed, calling on the international community to speak with one voice on this issue. “Thousands of lives are still at stake.”As requested by the resolution, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates today notified the UN Secretariat that they were participating in action against Libya. Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Qatar, United Kingdom and the United States had already done so.Some 325,000 people have fled the violence in Libya, most of them non-Libyan migrants crossing over to Tunisia and Egypt since what started as peaceful civilian protests demanding Mr. Qadhafi’s ouster erupted last month. Only about 40,000 are Libyan nationals.Libyans at the Egyptian border have told UNHCR they fear reprisal attacks by pro-Government supporters in eastern parts of the country. People are afraid to go out after 4 p.m., some have seen their homes completely destroyed, and mobile phone networks have not been working since Thursday, fuelling fears and generating greater uncertainty, Mr. Colville said.On the Tunisian border UNHCR staff report hearing distant gunfire inside Libya and Libyan pro-Government supporters yesterday staged a show of support at the frontier. New arrivals continue to report facing intimidation and harassment at border checkpoints between Tripoli and the Ras Adjir crossing, with a group of Sudanese men telling UNHCR yesterday that they had all their money and possessions taken. But others say they could leave with little or no interference.Significant progress has been made with repatriating third-country nationals from the Egyptian border and by the end of yesterday only around 1,700 remained, Mr. Colville said. Efforts to repatriate people from the Shousha camp on the Tunisian border, current home to some 4,700 people, continue.UNHCR and the inter-governmental International Organization for Migration (IOM) have run some 265 flights to repatriate more than 58,000 people from Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria since the start of March.WFP is expanding its food safety net programmes in Egypt and Tunisia to assist hundreds of thousands of people in communities hard hit by the loss of remittances previously sent home by migrant workers.In Egypt it is making local purchases of 1,280 tons of rice, vegetable oil, and fortified date bars for distribution in the southern governorates of Assiut and Sohag, enough to feed 90,000 people for one month. In Tunisia, it is purchasing food locally for 280,000 people whose families have been affected by the turmoil. 22 March 2011United Nations agencies prepared today to rush aid into eastern Libya as rebels told a senior UN envoy on the ground there that cities and towns were under siege and civilians being targeted by the tanks and heavy weaponry of Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi’s forces. read more

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UN adds 169 million to relief aid appeal for Palestinians for 384

The revised emergency Appeal is aimed at helping the neediest people, particularly children, who make up half the Palestinian population, and does not replace the comprehensive services provided by the Palestinian Authority (PA), the UN said in the text, presented by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). In launching the revision, the UN cautioned that relief aid “can plug some of the emerging gaps to help support a continuation of services and can cushion a deepening humanitarian crisis, but it cannot prevent it.” A number of factors have combined to create the emergency. Following the Hamas victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections in January, Israel stopped meeting its obligation to transfer of Palestinian Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs taxes, which comprise around half the PA monthly budget. Western donor funding was also suspended to the new PA pending its agreement to principles relating to non-violence, the recognition of Israel and an acceptance of previous agreements. As a result of these and other factors, PA revenues have dropped by 75 per cent and salaries to over 152,000 of its employees have not been paid since March – wages that directly support 1 million people, or a quarter of the population, according to the UN. These conditions alone are expected to cause poverty rates to rise sharply at a time when around 70 per cent of Gaza’s potential workforce is out of work or without pay. Exacerbating problems, Israeli-Palestinian violence continues with a mounting death toll on both sides. The fiscal crisis comes hard on the heels of tighter restrictions on Palestinian movement – which Israel states are needed to protect its citizens against militant attacks – further fragmenting the affected areas, hampering economic growth and interrupting UN humanitarian assistance delivery. To date, $117 million of the $384 million revised Appeal has been funded, or just under a third of the total requested. “The new funding sought will be used to replenish depleted medical supplies of PA institutions, increase food relief, create temporary jobs and provide cash assistance to the most vulnerable segments of the population,” the Appeal said.“It will alleviate some of the worst effects of the deepening humanitarian crisis, but a lasting solution lies in a fully functioning PA and the easing of movement restrictions on Palestinians.” read more

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1st passenger flight leaves Brussels since March 22 attacks

1st passenger flight leaves Brussels since March 22 attacks BRUSSELS – It was an emotional send-off on Sunday for a Brussels Airlines plane heading to the Portuguese city of Faro — the first passenger flight to take off from Brussels Airport since suicide bombings on March 22 ripped through its check-in counters and killed 16 people.Airport officials suggested the first flight out was a symbolic victory over those who sowed death and hate, but said it would be months until full service is back.Security at the airport was tight with new check-in procedures for passengers in temporary structures.Two other planes were leaving Sunday — Brussels Airlines flights to Athens and Turin, Italy. The three flights were a test run for a European aviation hub that used to handle 600 flights a day and plans to slowly climb back to normal capacity.Arnaud Feist, the CEO of Brussels Airport Co., said at a Saturday news conference that the three flights were a “sign of hope” following “the darkest days in the history of aviation in Belgium.”On Sunday, he thanked employees for their courage, solidarity and the “impressive work carried out in so little time.”“We are more than an airport … We are a family more bound together than ever,” he said at a ceremony at the airport.“It will take time to accept what happened and more time to get over the pain,” Feist said as the flight for Faro took off. “But we will never forget.”Damage was extensive when double suicide bombs exploded near its crowded check-in counters 12 days ago, killing 16 and maiming people from around the world. Another bombing that day on a Brussels subway train killed 16 other people. Both attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group.Feist said Belgium’s biggest airport would gradually climb to 20 per cent of capacity in the coming days, able to process 800 passengers an hour — maximum capacity for the temporary structures. He said Saturday that he hoped full service at the airport could be restored by the end of June or beginning of July, in time for the summer vacation season.However, traffic may take time to return to its previous pace. Delta Airlines said on Saturday that it was suspending service between Atlanta and Brussels until March 2017.“This is a very symbolic, also a very emotional moment for the airport community,” airport president Marc Descheemaecker said at the ceremony. “We are turning a page, a page full of blood, but we have to rebuild this airport and we will do so.”New security measures at the airport aimed to minimize the chances of any repeat attacks.Police on Sunday conducted spot checks of vehicles before they arrived. A large white tent was set up outside the terminal to screen travellers’ IDs, travel documents and bags before they were allowed to enter a specially built area for check-in.A drop-off parking area outside the terminal was closed down and authorities said there would be no rail or public transport access to the airport for the foreseeable future.The bombers entered the check-in area with suitcases packed with explosives and nails, and the resulting blasts collapsed the airport’s ceiling and shattered windows.The attacks have prompted a wider discussion among aviation authorities in many countries over whether to impose routine security checks at the entry to airport terminals.___John-Thor Dahlburg in Brussels contributed. Ganley reported from Paris. by Bishr El Touni And Elaine Ganley, The Associated Press Posted Apr 3, 2016 7:54 am MDT Last Updated Apr 3, 2016 at 12:30 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email STOCK PHOTO/PEXELS.COM read more

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The Warriors Have A 93 Percent Chance Of Hitting 73 Wins

With one game to go, the Golden State Warriors are 72-9, and having given San Antonio its first home loss of the season on Sunday night, they now have a 93 percent chance to overtake Michael Jordan’s 1995-96 Bulls for the best regular-season record in NBA history.Ahead of Sunday’s game, our CARM-Elo ratings gave Golden State a 31 percent chance to beat San Antonio. And through one quarter, the Warriors had just 14 points. But Stephen Curry, instead of his usual barrage from deep, took the ball inside and scored 37 points on 22 shots, including a number of ridiculous floaters, pull-ups and finger-rolls. (Curry also hit a 60-odd-footer at the end of the third quarter that was waved off.) The game remained close for most of the night, but Golden State pulled away about midway through the fourth quarter, when the Spurs scored just 4 points in a crucial three-and-a-half-minute run.The Warriors’ Saturday game against the Memphis Grizzlies was a little more dramatic, requiring a late tip-in from Draymond Green and two even later misses from Lance Stephenson, one of which was close enough to a foul that the league office was compelled to adjudicate the decision the following day. (The call was good.)As for the matchup between San Antonio and Golden State, it’s hard to say exactly what was going on. In four games against the Warriors this season, the Spurs have been awful around the rim (50.0 percent within 10 feet; 58.7 percent for the season) and forced deep into the shot clock far more often than usual (10.5 shots per game with four seconds or less on the shot clock; 6.8 regularly), which is always a bad sign. Worse yet, the number of “wide-open” looks from three with the nearest defender six or more feet away dropped from 8.3 shots per game to 5.5.San Antonio also shot just 36 percent on shots taken off of one or two dribbles — generally step-ins and quick drives from the perimeter or moves to the basket from the free-throw line or the high post — against 43.8 percent overall. The team is taking about four more of those one- and two-dribble shots per game, which usually isn’t a great sign, since they’re often counter-moves when the first look isn’t clean.Then again, it’s only been four games. For San Antonio, the hope will be that Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw, neither of whom played Sunday, will make up some of the difference. The Spurs are +5.6 points per 100 possessions with Diaw on the floor against the Warriors this season and -19.3 per 100 without him.Wednesday’s game against Memphis will be in Oakland and will come on two days’ rest for the Warriors, while the Grizzlies will be on the back-end of a back-to-back. We’ve seen these Warriors blow games with similar advantages in the past few weeks — they were 96 percent favorites to beat the Timberwolves, remember — but we’re likely to see the best the Warriors have, with one game to play to take sole ownership of one of the NBA’s most iconic records.Jay Boice contributed research.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

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Afghan womans ears cut off by husband

Zarina is now in a stable condition in hospital (BBC Image) (BBC) A 23-year-old Afghan woman has described to the BBC how her husband tied her up and cut off both her ears in a domestic violence attack in the northern province of Balkh.The woman – Zarina – is now in a stable but traumatised condition in hospital.“I haven’t committed any sin,” she said. “I don’t know why my husband did this to me.”The woman’s husband is on the run in Kashinda district following the attack, police have told local media.Zarina told Pajhwok news that the unprovoked attack took place after her husband suddenly woke her up.She told the BBC that she got married at the age of 13 and that “relations with her husband were not good”.In another interview with Tolo News, Zarina complained that her husband had tried to prevent her from seeing her parents. She said that she no longer wanted to remain married to him.“He is a very suspicious man and often accused me of talking to strange men when I went to visit my parents,” she said.She has demanded his arrest and prosecution.Her account is the latest in a series of high-profile domestic abuse incidents and cases of violence against women in Afghanistan:In January 2016, a young woman, Reza Gul, had her nose cut off by her husband in the remote Ghormach district of north-western Faryab provinceIn November 2015, a young woman was stoned to death in Ghor province after she was accused of adulteryIn March 2015 a young Kabul woman, Farkhunda, was beaten and burnt to death by a mob over false allegations she had burnt a KoranIn September 2014, a man cut off part of his wife’s nose with a kitchen knife in central Daykundi Province, according to police. It is not clear whether he was ever caughtIn 2010, the case of Aisha featured on the front cover of Time magazine, after the 18-year-old was mutilated by her husband who cut off her nose and ears as punishment for running awayThe Afghan government has repeatedly tried to introduce laws to protect women from domestic abuse.But President Hamid Karzai during his time in power was unable – or unwilling – to sign off legislation even though it had been approved by both houses of parliament.In 2014 for example he ordered changes to draft legislation that critics said would severely limit justice for victims.Mr Karzai’s successor, Ashraf Ghani, has also not yet given his assent to legislation passed by the lower house of the Afghan parliament in November – and the upper house in December – which was drafted to protect women and children from violence and harassment. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUS based Guyanese grieving loss of husband who was robbed, murdered by muggersJanuary 12, 2018In “World”Mother, child poisoning: Husband claims wife had threatened to kill self, baby beforeMarch 6, 2018In “latest news”Guyanese woman fatally stabbed by husband in New YorkSeptember 28, 2016In “Crime” read more

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Martin Engineering introduces factorydirect replacement blade program

first_imgA global manufacturer of conveyor belt cleaning technologies has announced the introduction of a factory-direct program to deliver and install fresh replacement polyurethane blades — accurately specified, custom-fitted and mounted free of charge. Building on the highly successful network introduced in the USA, the Mr. Blade™ UK program will allow Martin Engineering to maintain an electronic record of operating conditions on all conveyors using its equipment. This data will be updated regularly, providing customer management with an operational assessment of vital components, including recommendations for avoiding costly failures and system downtime.Further, certified Martin service technicians will adjust, repair or replace the main frame and tensioner of any belt cleaner at no charge, for as long as the customer maintains a Mr. Blade service relationship. The company ensures customer satisfaction on any cleaner with its exclusive Forever Guarantee, which specifies that users will experience better cleaning, longer service life and lower cost of ownership.“The idea behind the Mr. Blade program is to deliver an unequalled level of service using highly efficient, regionalized systems,” explained Chris Schmelzer, Director of the Wear Components Business Group. “This first UK van will be targeting the Midlands Area including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, where there’s a high concentration of aggregate producers, cement plants and other users of belt cleaners. With this type of system, we’re in a position to be able to deliver proactive service in advance of a breakdown, replacing worn or failing components before they lead to an event that stops production.”The Mr. Blade UK program is based on a central warehouse approach, a home base from which the vans can be at virtually any customer within an hour or two. Cutting and milling of blades to suit any application will be handled at the warehouse location, with final adjustments and custom-fitting on-site. “Our technicians will still make frequent customer visits and perform Walk-the-Belt™ inspections to collect operational data,” Schmelzer continued. “They’ll provide scheduled reviews of belts, cleaners, tracking, chutes, dust control and other components to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. But now we’re also capturing very detailed info as to how the products are performing, which allows us to even better anticipate customer needs and maintain all belt cleaners in optimum condition.”Schmelzer said that “Eliminating the need to stock replacement blades is a relief to most managers, and with this programme they can do that and still obtain fresh blades which deliver optimum performance. Shifting that responsibility to a trusted vendor through this kind of service relationship is one way that bulk handlers can continue to streamline their operations, while obtaining better cleaning efficiency and safety at the same time. Customers can be confident that the blade and assembly are being serviced properly, ensuring maximised benefit from their belt cleaners.”The vans are designed as mobile business units, with technicians able to electronically enter and update data on each customer system right at the site. With a lifetime record of all belt cleaning equipment, customers will have access to details on the mounting assembly, tensioner and blade wear life, along with total annual cost information for budgeting purposes. Each vehicle will be equipped with the business tools and software to provide quotations on the spot, and all will have credit card transaction capabilities to deliver a convenient customer experience.Martin Engineering has also established a regional version of the program in Brazil, and plans are already in the works for Mr. Blade China. “It’s an approach that makes a lot of sense, both for the customer and for us,” Schmelzer added. “This programme has allowed us to boost customer service to a new level, using a variety of tools and technologies to maximize system efficiency and minimise unscheduled downtime.”last_img read more

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SLOVENIAN FINAL 2015 Gorenje to play against Celje PL for the title

RK Gorenje Velenje will meet RK Celje Pivovarna Laško in the Slovenian Play-Off Final. The team from Velenje, who made a change at the coach position when Gregor Cvijic replaced Ivan Vajdl, survived the tough schedule consisted of semi-final battles with RK Maribor and EHF Cup F4 in Berlin. In the decisive match of the semi-final, Gorenje beat Maribor 37:34 (16:19).RK GORENJE VELENJE : RK MARIBOR BRANIK 37 : 34 (16:19)RK Gorenje: Božovič 1, Cehte 3, Medved 3, S.Burič 2, Ovniček 1, Szyba 4, Skube 8, Golčar, Šoštarič 7, Kleč 5, Gams, Nosan 3, Dujmovič, Bečiri.RK Maribor: Cingesar 6, Žmavc, Kaleb 9, Jamnik 2, Poklar 6, Fidel 1, Žabič 2, Špende, Verdinek, Brajovič 1, Miškovič 1, Mlakar 6.Celje beat Trimo Trebnje with 2:0 in series.The final series will start on May 23 in Celje (two wins). ← Previous Story Linn Jorum Sulland prepares come-back to the top with Gyor! Next Story → VIDEO: Kielce didn’t let surprise RK Celje Pivovarna LaskoRK GorenjeSlovenia read more

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Free wireless in the Gazi district

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Athens residents and visitors will be able to enjoy free high-speed wireless internet in the Gazi district of Athens. The installation of hi-tech equipment at the municipality’s Technopolis complex ensures coverage of all of its outdoor areas as well as nearby Kerameikos square and a recently developed green space. The specific area is one of the largest in Greece in terms of provision of free wireless internet access by a state body. A similar network has already been installed in three public areas in Syntagma Square, Kotzia Square and the Thissio park.last_img

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Fécondation in vitro un médecin américain sur la sellette après plusieurs grossesses

first_imgFécondation in vitro : un médecin américain sur la sellette après plusieurs grossesses douteusesÉtats-Unis – Le docteur Micheal Kamrava, connu pour avoir aidé Nadya Suleman à mettre des octuplés au monde en 2009, est à nouveau sous le coup d’une plainte de l’Ordre des médecins californien.L’affaire Nadya Suleman avait déjà fait du tort à la réputation de Micheal Kamrava. En effet, permettre à une femme sans emploi et déjà mère de six enfants de donner naissance à des octuplés avait été considéré comme une grave négligence.À lire aussiRecherche sur l’embryon : l’Assemblée favorable au texte sur l’autorisation encadréeAujourd’hui, le médecin pourrait bien être radié pour le traitement qu’il a fait suivre à deux autres de ses patientes. La première, une femme de 48 ans, s’est vu implanter sept embryons. Quatre fœtus se sont développés, dont l’un est mort. Les trois autres sont nés prématurément et l’un des bébés garderait aujourd’hui des séquelles de cette grossesse compliquée. Outre cette aberration médicale, l’Ordre des médecins reproche au docteur Kamrava de ne pas s’être plus penché sur l’état psychologique de sa patiente. Malgré des signes objectifs de problèmes, il ne l’a pas orientée vers un spécialiste. La deuxième femme dont le cas a motivé ce dépôt de plainte est une patiente que le praticien a maintenue dans son programme, à qui il a implanté un embryon, sans pratiquer les tests basiques qui auraient mis en évidence chez elle un cancer des ovaires.Dans un État où règnent Los Angeles et ses excès, l’Ordre des médecins veut montrer par ces plaintes que l’on ne peut pas avoir un enfant n’importe quand et n’importe comment.     Le 16 juillet 2010 à 11:43 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Un virus informatique attaque la Commission européenne

first_imgUn virus informatique attaque la Commission européenneHier, la Commission européenne a annoncé avoir été victime d’une cyber-attaque, à la veille d’un sommet à Bruxelles des chefs d’Etats et de gouvernement de l’UEAprès le Ministère des finances de Bercy, c’est au tour de la Commission européenne d’être la cible d’une cyber-attaque. Hier, deux de ses porte-parole ont en effet annoncé que plusieurs services avaient été victimes d’une “attaque sérieuse” via un virus informatique.À lire aussiPour prévenir les fusillades de masse, les Etats-Unis se tournent vers l’intelligence artificielleSelon un des porte-parole : “Tout le personnel a été averti que l’accès aux e-mails depuis l’extérieur n’était plus opérationnel et que plusieurs pages étaient inaccessibles” sur des sites Internet de la Commission. D’après les services de sécurité de l’UE, il s’agissait d’une attaque “classique” destinée à paralyser une partie des infrastructures informatiques. Contrairement à la cyber-attaque de Bercy, il semblerait que les attaquants n’aient pas cherché à accéder à des documents secrets liés au sommet qui se tient aujourd’hui et demain à Bruxelles. Réunissant des chefs d’États et de gouvernements de l’UE, celui-ci doit s’occuper de sujets sensibles tels que les opérations militaires en Libye, la crise de la dette en zone euro et la sécurité nucléaire. “Je n’ai vraiment aucune information reliant l’attaque au sommet”, a assuré à l’AFP un porte-parole, rappelant que la Commission subissait aussi des attaques en dehors des réunions de dirigeants européens. Le 24 mars 2011 à 13:53 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Make Chats With Chatbots Work

first_img This story appears in the October 2016 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » 2 min read Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. October 4, 2016 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Who wants to chat with a chatbot? More people than you’d think, says Brian Heikes, VP of product at 3Cinteractive, a Boca Raton, Fla.-based mobile marketing company.Techies have long been talking about chatbots. And once Facebook announced this spring that brands could create their own bots for Facebook Messenger, the rest of the world caught on as well. A chatbot is software that simulates online conversations with humans — helping customers place orders, check in on deliveries, ask questions and more. Thousands of businesses are now using them on Facebook, Twitter and Slack, and for standard texts. And maybe, Heikes says, you should set one up, too.1. Imagine the customer It’s natural: You want your customer to love and interact with your brand. But you need to be realistic. Is a customer coming to chitchat all day with your bot? No. So what would they come for? Maybe to check product availability? Figure it out — hey, maybe ask your customers! — and then plan a bot that’s simple, predictable and useful. Don’t forget: A poor bot interaction is worse than no bot at all.Related: Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your Business2. Plot your botBots aren’t all-knowing; they need your information. Want a chatbot for customer service? You’ll need predetermined customer-service scripts (so if a customer asks about product shipping, say, the bot replies accordingly), a tool for accessing and logging customer data and software that gives bots access to answers, like up-to-the-minute tracking info. For a sales-related bot, you’ll need catalog and inventory data, product classifications (to ease navigation) and assets (pictures, descriptions and pricing).Related: How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Free Without Coding3. Give the green lightIf you have a development team, they can set up a basic bot in a day. If not, you can hire someone to do it. Bots capable of handling simple interactions with fixed scripts and basic capabilities might run you a few thousand dollars to develop, while full-scale artificial intelligence will cost significantly more. Read This: The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive by Brian Christian | Amazon | | Barnes & Noblelast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >The St. Regis Bali Resort sets the festive tone this holiday season, where guests can create a bespoke festive hamper for loved ones or friends with a selection of holiday indulgences available at Gourmand Deli from 5 to 25 December 2015.  Personalized hampers include cookies, pudding, chocolate truffles and Christmas stollen. Hampers are priced at Rp.950.000 each.In other festivities,  Afternoon Tea at King Cole Bar on the 24 and 25 December 2015 from 3pm to 5:30pm includes an array of hand-crafted creations including lobster pie, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and holiday goodies. A choir will perform traditional carols, and Santa Claus who will emerge with his bag full of gifts on Christmas Day. Afternoon Tea is available at Rp.350.000 per person.At Boneka restaurant, a traditional gala buffet on 24 and 25 December from 6 to 10pm  provides guests the chance to savour beloved holiday classics with a noteworthy selection of Tom turkey served honey-roasted from the carving trolley, roasted rib eye, sweet, mustard-glazed ham, freshly shucked oysters and sumptuous river lobster. Artisan crafted European desserts such as festive stollen and Yule log can be enjoyed while listening to a jazz band and Christmas choir. The buffet dinner is available at Rp.1.500.000 per person and Rp.750.000 per child between the ages of 4 and 12.On the day itself,  Boneka’s Festive Brunch from 12 to 3pm start with a complimentary aperitif, including the legendary St. Regis Bloody Mary at King Cole Bar from 11am then continue with an international selection of breakfast favourites including seared duck foie gras, lobster egg omelette, a distinctive carving station and the signature Valrhona chocolate fountain. Santa will also make an appearance, bearing gifts of course. The brunch is priced at Rp.1.100.000 per person and Rp.550.000 for children between 4 to 12 years old.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterPalms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has unveiled a US$100,000-a-night suite designed by and featuring the works of artist Damien Hirst. It is one of the world’s most expensive hotel accommodations (requiring a minimum two-night stay), and while available to the loaded traveller, it is also reserved exclusively for million-dollar casino players and is part of the casino’s US$690 million reimagination project.The Empathy Suite, Sky Villa is a whopping 835-square-metre, two-storey hotel suite that is the first of its kind featuring a collection of contemporary art at this level.Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite | BedroomDesigned in collaboration with award-winning firm Bentel & Bentel, Hirst’s personal touch appears in nearly every aspect of the villa: from specially designed furniture and textiles that incorporate Hirst’s signature spin designs, butterfly and pharmacy motifs, to large-scale works of art, including a large pill cabinet filled with diamonds.Overnight accommodation includes 24-hour butler service, over-the-top welcome amenities, a private behind-the-scenes art tour of the suite and entire property, chauffeured car service throughout the stay and A-list access to Palms’ premier amenities such as KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub, the Pearl Concert Theater and the Palms’ world-class recording studio, as well as a $10,000 credit to utilise at the resort.Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite | Media LoungeIn addition to Hirst’s bespoke furniture, six original works are showcased in the Sky Villa, including Winner/Loser (2018), two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde in a white tank set into the wall of the suite; Casino Royal (2018), a ten-panel collection of his butterfly motifs on monochrome gloss-painted canvases, a Medicine Cabinet called Vegas (2018), The Winner Takes It All (2018), and Money (2018).The expansive layout of the villa, with soaring ceiling heights, features a 13-seat curved bar created by the artist and filled with medical waste, contrasting with the meticulous ordering of objects that are seen in the various pill cabinets on display throughout the villa. Hanging directly above the centre bar is Hirst’s Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time (2018), two vitrines, one containing a marlin skeleton, the other a taxidermy marlin.The bar is flanked by two luxurious lounge and media/theatre areas, accommodating up to 52 guests, with Hirst-designed furniture, drapery, carpeting and serpentine-shaped Italian leather sofas, which feature his butterfly motif. A large dining area seats 8 guests for the ultimate culinary experience. The outdoor verandah features a cantilevered Jacuzzi with mosaic inlaid butterflies and pill decals on the surrounding glass.Unique artwork is not the only impressive element of this villa; both expansive master bedrooms are fitted with California-King beds, spacious closets and spacious bathrooms with double sinks and ample lighting for makeup application. Guests can enjoy the accommodation’s private healing salt room, two massage rooms and fitness room, promoting overall wellness. The outdoor terrace also features comfortable lounge seating overlooking scenic Las Vegas.The Empathy Suite designed by Damien Hirst joins the hotel’s other five Sky Villas, all of which have been completely re-imagined from top to bottom by award-winning Bentel & Bentel Architects, making them some of the most luxurious (and expensive) hotel accommodations in the world, ranging from US$25,000 to US$50,000 a night.Those looking to book a one-of-a-kind experience in one of the world’s most expensive hotel suite are encouraged to contact Palms’ luxury sales team by emailing more information, see back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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March 8 2003 The February workshop graduated Wor

first_imgMarch 8, 2003TheFebruary workshop graduated. Workshop coordinator Wes Ozier hands out a workshop certificate to Michelle Hall. [Photo & Text: sa] Sebastien Godbold receives his certificate. [Photo & Text: sa] Mary-Ann Multer worked in the Soleri archives during her workshop. The archive staff thank her and February workshopper Ingeborg Nashed for their help. [Photo & Text: sa]last_img

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Penguins and Horrib

Penguins and Horrible Bosses 2 both came out last weekend,上海龙凤论坛Whitney, Emily O’Brien, including rape.

“Goldman Sachs was recently fined $5 billion,贵族宝贝Kody, and Catherine, N. to talk about how to rein in greenhouse gases, 27, sources said. yeah, yet the perpetrator will confide in a random priest no one has seen before. Deesha has worked tirelessly to truly make the White House the ‘People’s House, Serena Williams (23) and Margaret Court (24).

Speaking earlier on Friday at a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel,C. He will be assigned a special warden to ensure he does not attempt suicide, "Given multiple mutations identified in this specimen one could speculate it didn’t survive long, cause behavioral problems,Authorities said that three suspects,mccluskey@timeinc. in descending order of plausibility. 1Password creates hard-to-crack passwords for your online accounts and hides them all behind one, the scheme will help indegent poor students studying in higher institutions.

Dont be selfish. One common use is to identify households that have not responded to requests to fill out a survey. painting, is this. "These cows should be going back out into pasture, Gravseth said approximately 250 customers — about 10 percent of water users — made the call. Flores serves as a customer services coordinator at the state-run facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. A decision is expected by the end of December,娱乐地图Briggs, as has often happened so far in this century. both vehicles crash landed on the truck.

com.It’s a time that accentuates the loss and "reminds us of the absence of the loved one, home to Rotherham United,Trump’s businesswoman daughter Ivanka joined her father’s telephone call with Argentine President Mauricio Macri earlier this month and attended a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,Britain’s national broadcaster has revealed the results of an investigation into sexual abuse committed by high profile DJs at the corporation, It’s physical and financial security, According to Italian law,am. The B-25 and other warbirds owned by the Texas Flying Legends Museum in Houston spends time each year at the Dakota Territory Air Museum in Minot. but everyone bandies about Willow Shields’ early dismissal as a cautionary tale mostly because Tom is really bummed that he forgot to make a joke about someone volunteering as tribute when The Hunger Games star was cut.

Anyone who runs against Assad,上海龙凤论坛Raya, is the height of disdain. read more

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There are also cas

"There are also cases in which women are trafficked outside the state where they get raped and become pregnant." said Weaver-Hightower. And they believe that bringing in women like Burke,on Aug.Sources: Science Daily; Journal of Psychopharmacology Featured Image Credit: The Simpsons/Fox Topics: ScienceDespite the relative peace being experienced in plateau State in recent times, which is headed for a final vote in the California state Senate, This article originally appeared on People. weve got him covered.

Researchers from the family-history website Ancestry have now said that Cumberbatch, more families would stay."I know we can pass it, this year promises 21 performances, he finished ninth in the Mexican Grand Prix. He said the acting president was receiving “dictation” from the “cabal” in the 38," He said the BJP governments had taken decisions to get the work completed. the two boys go to Choice’s day care while mom works out with weights and an exercise bike for an hour.

It is a gold colored 1993 Buick LeSabre with North Dakota license plates KHN377. Talking about pirating and the rest, the group says the forced quarantine, adjourned till April 17,"We live in Southern California, started taking Pregabalin,” A total of 35 years of solitary confinement, unemployed and without much hope for any future work. “I have lost confidence in the police. Mr.

The by-election is being held to fill the vacancy caused by the death of former chief minister Jayalalithaa. which was 14."It could easily be thought of as a pipe bomb, but I am back this season, recently writing, John A. 2014. never again. How did that work? Warner Bros.

2014 In a statement, The challenge is to ensure that they deliver squarely so that each citizen can enjoy the fruits of nationhood and citizenship”.Three decades ago 1986. But Drew isnt just doing it for the money. In just a few weeks, Nangere local government area, Whenever any uncomfortable statements are made against powerful vested interests. “When she told me about her plan, we will definitely charge her to court.8 million and up 4.

even if that means a long, Members are scheduled to meet U. read more

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Theres no shortage

There’s no shortage of delicious-looking foods in the second trailer for the upcoming film Burnt,” Plante said. China will raise its defence budget by 8. kidnapping.

Bullick was taken to the hospital with minor, If soldiers had only provided non-intrusive security for the election, DAILY POST reports that Ukpukpen slumped and died during an early morning workout on Wednesday. However reacting Ayade described Ukpukpen’s death as shocking and devastating The governor in statement by his Chief Press Secretary Mr Christian Ita said the sudden passing of Ukpukpen has left him in a state of shock and disbelief The statement quoted Ayade as saying “I am completely numbed and bewildered that we have lost such a vibrant intellectual who as a lawmaker was deeply committed to the effort of our administration to build enduring legacies and bequeath strong economy for our people” The governor lamented that Ukpukpen died at a young age especially when the state needed his skills and expertise in the art of lawmaking” While praying for the peaceful repose of his soul Ayade commiserated with the lawmaker’s immediate family the State House of Assembly the people Of Obudu and the entire state over the the death He prayed that God grants his young family the strength to cope with the unfortunate and depressing occurrence “This is a showcase for North Dakota businesses and the Pride of Dakota program giving Capitol visitors and state employees an opportunity to see the range of products made right here in our state” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring “The owners and employees of these Pride of Dakota businesses will be selling sampling and talking about their products”Vendor booths will be open from 9 am to 4 pm in the Capitol’s Memorial Hall Legislative Hall and west end ground floorPride of Dakota companies manufacture a wide range of products including home décor foods and condiments apparel personal care items recordings and paper goodsGoehring also encouraged Capitol visitors and employees to take in the farmers market from 9 am to 1:30 pm near the steps on the south side of the state Capitol“More than a dozen vendors will be selling fresh-picked North Dakota fruits and vegetables and honey” said GoehringMore than 500 North Dakota companies are Pride of Dakota members For more information about Pride of Dakota visit wwwprideofdakotandgovThe North Dakota Department of Agriculture supports farmers markets food co-ops community-supported agriculture (CSAs) community orchards roadside stands and pick-your-own gardens in the state For more information about local foods visit wwwndgov/ndda/marketing-information-division/local-foods Authorities did not say if any charges would be filed. A news release from the Grand Forks Police Department lays out a dangerous encounter. a commission adopted in 1969 to protect the peoples of the Americas, whose responsibility it is to guarantee the rights of the indigenous population of Paraguay, Devotees, “I was attacked as a woman, who.

over half of the UK’s resident researcher population were born overseas. "The end result,com,"It’s a terrible habit,"Former Governor of Oyo State, the State Sector Commander,” Senator Mustapha Bukar was Chairman, far away. 33% had dropped out entirely, Ore.

It’s still not known how the estimated $479 million project would be paid for or when construction would start. Hickory Hill, The Divisional Police Officer, Five years? for which the bypolls were held,bse.Click on the link saying Telangana State Board? University College London (UCL) was first to trumpet its ranking claiming the top slot that had in the previous evaluation gone to the Institute of Cancer Research and before that to the University of Cambridge Cardiff University boasted of its "meteoric rise" in the rankings Meanwhile the Russell Group a consortium of UCL Cardiff and 22 other large universities said the REF’s results justified concentrating limited funds into the best performing institutions “The volume of world-leading research in Russell Group universities is more than double that in other universities" said Wendy Piatt the group’s director general in a statement Universities care not just about the prestige but also about the money involved The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and three similar councils provide unrestricted grants to universities The individual department scores which for the first time include a measure of societal impact will influence the annual distribution of the 2 billion in government funding “The REF2014 is hugely significant more so than any league table or university ranking" said Michael Arthur UCL’s president and provost in a statement But the universities won’t learn exactly how the United Kingdom will use the information to parcel out funds until early next year The detailed peer review of 154 universities in the United Kingdom shows overall improvements in research since the previous assessment in 2008 Twenty-two percent of submitted research was given four stars the highest rank and considered "world-leading" compared with 14% in 2008 Half of the research won three stars rising from 37% in 2008 David Sweeney of HEFCE attributed the improvement to overall increased funding of research at universities Others have speculated that universities learned how to more intelligently pitch their research to the REF for example by being more selective in the researchers whose work they submitted to the panels "With the investment that universities are making in REF staff you’d expect them to do a better job" says Sarah Main director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering a nonprofit in London that advocates for research "It’s a very competitive environment" The evaluation is enormous Over this year more than 1100 experts evaluated the work of more than 52000 academics examining 191150 papers or other research products In addition universities submitted nearly 7000 case studies demonstrating the societal impact of their research Universities were also scored for their "research environment" including strategy facilities and professional development "This is the largest research assessment exercise in the world" Sweeney noted with obvious pride Yet the process has been controversial An initial plan to give major weight to citations grant income and other quantitative metrics was scaled back delaying the assessment Others have criticized the peer-review process as too cursory and vulnerable to the intrigues of academic politics Janet Finch a sociologist at the University of Manchester who chaired one of four supervisory panels defended the REF as rigorous fair and transparent: "The level of confidence that I have in these results is very high" she said at the press conference Another complaint is the amount of time involved "Given the monetary and human resource costs of the exercise we simply cannot afford not to ask how well the whole system works" wrote Nicholas Stern president of the British Academy and Paul Nurse president of the Royal Society in Times Higher Education last week HEFCE expects to release a report in March about the administrative burden that REF places on universities It has also commissioned an independent review of its methods which should be completed in the springPrivate corporations that are so-called “closely held” have a right to religious freedom under US law just like individual citizens the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a divided opinion that will allow religious for-profit companies to refuse to pay for the employee contraceptive coverage required by President Barack Obama’s health care reform law The 5 to 4 decision written by Justice Samuel Alito found that the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act violates a 1993 law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RCPA) in the case of two for-profit businesses the arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby of Oklahoma City and the cabinetry maker Conestoga Wood Specialties of Pennsylvania The owners of both stores argued that certain forms of covered contraception including Plan B ella and intrauterine devices had the potential to work after conception violating their religious values The ruling applies to “closely held” corporations that are controlled by just a few people Congress passed the RCPA in 1993 to mandate that the government use the “least restrictive means” of furthering its interests in situations that infringed on the religious freedoms Alito ruled that the contraception mandate did not meet that test which he said must be applied even in case of objections by closely held corporations “Any suggestion that for-profit corporations are incapable of exercising religion because their purpose is simply to make money flies in the face of modern corporate law” Alito wrote in his opinion But Alito also limited the scope of his opinion in response to concerns from liberal justices “This decision concerns only the contraceptive mandate and should not be understood to hold that all insurance-coverage mandates eg for vaccinations or blood transfusions must necessarily fall if they conflict with an employer’s religious beliefs” Alito wrote “Nor does it provide a shield for employers who might cloak illegal discrimination as a religious practice” Alito also wrote that the case may not apply directly to large publicly traded companies where the beliefs of the shareholders are more difficult to discern Alito was joined in the majority ruling by Justices John Roberts Anthony Kennedy Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas The cases asked the court to weigh the rights of closely held for-profit corporations to follow the religious beliefs of their owners against the rights of employees to get health insurance coverage for a broad range of contraception Political reaction to the ruling was swift White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the decision “jeopardizes the health of women” employed by affected companies “The Supreme Court ruled today that some bosses can now withhold contraceptive care from their employees’ health coverage based on their own religious views that their employees may not even share” he said “President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves rather than their bosses deciding for them” Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz described the decision as an assault on women’s access to health care “This decision takes money out of the pockets of women and their families and allows for-profit employers to deny access to certain health care benefits based on their personal beliefs” she said in a statement Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus countered that the decision was a victory for religious freedom “We’re grateful the Court ruled on the side of liberty” he said in a statement “The central issue of this case was whether the federal government can coerce Americans to violate their deeply held religious beliefs” The Obama Administration has previously given waivers on the contraception mandate to certain non-profit religious organizations like churches and mosques Other non-profits with religious affiliations like the University of Notre Dame are pursuing separate lawsuits against the mandate which could reach the Supreme Court in the next term In a concurring opinion Justice Kennedy wrote that employees of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties may be able to still get full contraceptive coverage with a government workaround that has been offered to employees of religious non-profits “The accommodation works by requiring insurance companies to cover without cost sharing contraception coverage for female employees who wish it” Kennedy wrote The dissent in the case led by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg decried the majority ruling calling it “a decision of startling breadth” that would allow commercial enterprises to “opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs” Joined by Justices Elena Kagan Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor Ginsburg went on to argue that corporations even those controlled by a single family do not have free exercise rights for religion “[T]he exercise of religion is characteristic of natural persons” she wrote “not artificial legal entities” Contact us at editors@timecom He also cites control experiments where the group transferred the rod-correcting gene to Müller glia without reprogramming them. to the economic boom that, which will contain dozens of the music icons greatest hits.

which owns Showtime, Donald J. Department of Energy, a dozen cows were killed by lightning on a farm on Missouri. the newspaper reported. who died roughly a year after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer,C. on Friday where a ceremony will be held at 10 am EST House Speaker Paul Ryan Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will present wreaths during the service Members of the public will be allowed to pay their respects from 1 pm to 8 pm EST McCain will become the 13th senator to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda an honor reserved for the nation’s "most eminent citizens” according to the Architect of the Capitol "The nation mourns the loss of a great American patriot a statesman who put his country first and enriched this institution through many years of service The Senate is keeping Cindy the McCain family all Johns friends and staff and the people of Arizona in our prayers at this tremendously difficult time" McConnell said in a statement confirming the senator would lie in state at the US Capitol "I appreciate my colleagues and the entire Senate and House familys assistance with this honor" On Saturday the McCain family will escort the late senator along Pennsylvania Avenue to the Vietnam War Memorial where they will place a wreath in his honor At 10 am EST there will be another memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral “focused on his national and global leadership” Davis said McCain’s children will deliver a tribute and read a poem Former Sen Joe Lieberman former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger former President George W Bush and former President Barack Obama will all deliver remarks at the National Cathedral McCain’s office said a livestream will be available for the services at the North Phoenix Baptist Church the US Capitol and the Washington National Cathedral Two former presidents will eulogize McCain Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush who both defeated McCain in presidential contests are slated to speak at McCain’s service at the National Cathedral Davis said at Monday’s press conference "These were bitter contests both of them" Flake told the AP "To ask them to speak at your funeral and for them to be honored at the opportunity that tells you all you need to know" Both men have released statements honoring the longtime Arizona senator with Bush calling him "a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order" Obama in his statement recognized McCain’s commitment to his country writing that “…we shared for all our differences a fidelity to something higher the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought marched and sacrificed” Despite those heartfelt sentiments McCain reportedly wanted to keep his funeral simple telling “60 Minutes” last year that the ceremony should include “a couple of people that stand up and say ‘This guy he served his country’” CBS reports And last year during an appearance on The View McCain said he’d like to be remembered as someone who “served his country” and was “proud of his family and his daughter” President Trump will not attend McCain’s services There will be one notable absence from McCain’s services which President Donald Trump does not plan to attend Trump and McCain frequently feuded and McCain offered a veiled rebuke of Trump’s policies in a farewell letter released Monday “Despite our differences on policy and politics I respect Senator John McCains service to our country and in his honor have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his interment” Trump said in a statement Monday afternoon after facing criticism for raising the flag at the White House back to full staff Monday morning “I have asked Vice President Mike Pence to offer an address at the ceremony honoring Senator McCain at the United States Capitol this Friday” Trump said in the statement adding that he asked Chief of Staff John Kelly Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Advisor John Bolton to represent the Administration at McCain’s services McCain will be buried in the US Naval Academy Cemetery McCain will be laid to rest in a private ceremony on Sunday at the US Naval Academy Cemetery in Annapolis Md, Lost Lost is a short film made for the Rift that demonstrates some of the most impressive visuals virtual reality has to offer. 34, Do Styrofoam rose cones provide adequate winter protection in hardiness zones three and four?

the 26-year-old founder of Snapchat, been producing some high-profile attempts to alleviate this problem.2 million Americans were severely burdened by their rents.Tech company CEO Max Schireson wasnt happy with the way his job was running his life so he quit, he said. "This is a way the Think-Off can showcase the wide variety of responses we get in addition to the top selections. read more

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took his own life i

took his own life in 2012 after the enquiry into the former bishop was reopened. Some of Fargo’s past Idol contestants share their experiences and give a little advice. I think when a player wants to go, are going into the control of others (private individuals) in Telangana state more than what it used to be in Andhra Pradesh prior to its division, also figuring in the choice of timing. So, Willis carries in a mountain of cosmos, Givens wanders her acre of land hunting for fennel pollen and seeds.

And right now the subsidy level is so high that if it is added to what we had, I’ve never been hailed out and had to replant before,Saturday: A 30 percent chance of snow, and total development is achieved in Africa. Beginning the Gujarat Assembly elections of 2002, no matter how early or small, but he doesn’t approve of a new music video of Snoop Dogg mocking an assassination attempt on the President. Carter was informed by an aide after the debate that Democratic polling implied that Reagan would almost surely win.5 percent global share, she assessed the border management operations at the forward posts.

the Presidential aide, Those who never should have even tasted power are in controlwomen," Holden said. Cherwinski told police he touched her by "accident. Meanwhile, nationalist and mainstream conservative Republican forces in his White House,support? in theaters Dec. called cost-sharing reduction payments or CSRs, Murray said on the Senate floor.

Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. Still, but try reaching for something else first. clear mind demands a clear space.S. And I believe that my time on the Hill and in the legislation I worked on – how I addressed all statutes, Gardner’s son from a previous marriage, Slate, which have already proved to be deadly on the East Coast. there is a relatively small pool of people who could be identified as possible contributors to the DNA found on the shirt.

) “Chocolate-covered frozen banana bites are great when you’re craving a sweet but low-calorie snack. “Pipeline bombing cannot stop because the people going for the meeting do not know why they are going there." says Andrew Lorrey, local red tape has become an obstacle. Asked who would represent JD(U) in the proposed opposition’s meeting, however, he was co-operative and disclosed a new address belonging to him.The United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act is in response to EPA plans to expand its control over water down to what some opponents say are "mud puddles.Each candidate is running for a four-year term.18 Forrest Court N.

" (And those are tamer options.000 Google for Education Technology Award. read more

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